What makes for a really great story  

quoteoftheday 48M
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3/25/2006 9:42 pm
What makes for a really great story

Lying here with my elbows burried into the carpet and my shoulders hunched so deeply that my scapulae are damned near on top of my spine, it hit me just how much fun it is being in a relationship. There are some things I truly miss about being in a relationship: the joking, teasing, sharing of experience, thinking fondly of another randomly during a day, the shitty arguments that can only be resolved with a good pillow fight or make up sex.

I enjoy my freedom and at the moment would not trade that for anything. But lately I am wondering if my choice of being single has less to do with wanting to remain single versus the bitter reminder of how painful my last two serious relationships were. The details are not so important but one wiped me out economically and the other broke my heart. A classic Woody Allen tale if there ever was one - minus the infidelity.

I can tell this is gooing to be a good spring.

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