Twins, Basil. Twins!  

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Twins, Basil. Twins!

Well, Basil, we go out to a nightclub, local juke joint type place to see one of our favorite bands. Nobody else we expected shows up, so my spouse and I are enjoying the night alone, and we play a little slap-and-tickle and you-know-what-I'm-going-to-do-to-you-when-we-get-home sexual tease while we enjoy the music.

During a break I step outside for a smoke and stand amongst the other lepers, and we chit-chat, blah, blah, nice band, lovely weather, blah, blah, blah, blah blah; then out of the door comes:

The Sisters.

There is the prerequisite moment of silence as every guy checks them out and up and down and oh, my, think of what's happening to those poor girls in the minds of the five or so men now busy calculating the exact number of ways they would defile these young captivating creatures, myself included. "Twins, Basil, Twins!" I chuckle to myself as I watch them come out into the group of smoking lepers, giggling and stumbling a little bit.

They're continuing on to each other about Susie and him and "oh-my-god I can't believe she's actually going to do that with him and what's wrong with her, anyway?" conversation as the blond pulls her cigarettes out and begins fumbling for a match. I check her over as she fishes in the purse; beautiful long blond hair, five foot four, maybe, and the most lovely breasts I have ever seen, full and round and bra-less, as far as I can tell with a shape worthy of the centerfold spread. My brain races on as I watch her fumble and curse the lack of fire. She mumbles about "these damn things" and I imagine my hands pulling her hips closer as she comes up on her toes to kiss me and I say to myself 'it can't be as easy as the "need a match?" line'. But someone up there has greased the cosmic wheels, and at that moment she looks at me, comes real close and says "Do you have a light?

As I decide whether to come in my pants or pee them, I reply in my best nonchalant voice "oh, yeah, sure, here.." and I flick my bic and hold it up to her cigarette. She cups her hands around mine to block the flame, (you know, the way they say women do when they want to turn you on). She takes a long draw, turns to me, and with a Lauren Bacall look and flip of her hair says thanks.

She looks me in the eyes and with a slight smile she puts her hand on my arm and says " You're very attractive... oh, but you know that." I'm stunned. I can't move. I can't believe it. No woman has ever used that kind of line on me. Why didn't this stuff happen BEFORE I got married. No woman this gorgeous has ever shown this much interest, to be honest. I'm not ugly, but I'm of a certain type of look that women either show a flirt of interest in because I look like their type, or they ignore me completely because they think I'm just a lecherous creepy old guy. I try and act cool but what comes out is a "You're not so bad yourself" with a smile and a laugh. She and her sister smile and giggle and laugh - I actually got away with it.

"So, you from around here?" she says. She introduces me to the sister, another version of her that seems to be older, wiser. Her sister looks like the Playboy version compliment to her Penthouse looks. She is sweet and tall with perfect breasts and auburn hair. They both have an ass that looks like they've spent hours and hours on the treadmill and the stair master. As they say; "you could bounce a nickel off that thing." It turns out that the blond is the older sister and the auburn girl is the younger one by four years. Four years, Basil. A freshman and a senior. They seem to go together like bookends.

I imagine the two of them on two beds in a hotel, not much on any of us except a few strategically placed items. Candles and wine and how do you do, my dear girl, let me handle that for you. Who do I go to first? The blond. She came to me first. I'd start kissing her neck and her breasts while her sister watches what she's up to and gets ready to join. She comes over and we lock into that triangle that rearranges itself into a tangle of arms and legs and lips and teeth. Front and back, side to side, watching and touching and aching and reaching and achieving the highest pinnacles of orgasmic ecstasy.

Can ya take both of 'em on at the same time, son? Have ya got it in ya, kid? You betcha, Pop.

"Where do a couple of girls go to have a good time around here? Got any suggestions? My sister and I just moved here and we're looking for places to find hot guys! Do you know any?"

"Yes, I know one. It's right on the tip of my tongue."

That's what I could have said had I not been completely and totally aroused and dumbfounded at the same time. I check to see if my spouse is watching. She is. Is it getting hard? Can you see the outline through the front of my pants? This can't be happening now, no please, not now. Can I will them back another time when I'm on my own and I've got the night to myself so I can get this out of my system and turn my mind back to saving the world?

We keep chatting as I check on my spouse and see a spousal look that says "Well, well, well. What's all this then?". I try to break away nicely and not be rude or obviously letching, but how do you politely say "I'd like to continue this conversation to orgasm but my wife is watching. How can I see you again?"

She is blond and buxom and as pretty as any girl I've ever seen in any magazine or film. Her sister, she tells me, has to watch out for her because she's always getting them into trouble when they're out looking for guys. She can't stop herself and the sister has to help her out. She giggles when she says it and looks at her sister. Her sister says "yeah, I get to help her out a lot." And they both giggle again and look at me.

I let out a prolonged silent scream and then blow my brains out inside my head.

Ya, I know a couple of places, there's this, that, there is good, blah, blah, info, places, bands, music, booze, can I have you? will you touch me? can I touch there? would you mind if I licked you here? Let me do this, I'm going to do it, wait for it, here it comes, oh god, oh god! oh god!!

Could I actually get the twins that so many men long for all their lives?

Ah, Basil, Let me tell you another story...

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