The Red Diamond  

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7/10/2006 3:06 pm

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The Red Diamond

She was the old college chum, pure red from head to toe. I remember when she came up to me one day in tight jeans and a t-shirt. It was the most spectacular vision I had seen yet in my life. When she came up to talk, I was working at my desk. I looked up to come face to lips with a magnificent pubic mound. When they say "It looks like she's been poured into those jeans", this was it.

She was dating and I was dating, but when I asked how he was, she replied "we're kinda not together anymore". So I asked her out - and she said yes. We went to the 99 and then to a movie, and drove around talking for a while. So I pulled out the stops at a stop light and leaned over and kissed her. She didn't pull away, so I kissed here again. To my surprise, she kissed back. But it was late and we had class the next day, so we said our goodnights and parted ways. The next day she was back with the old boyfriend and everything had to be forgotten.

Years went by, we kept in touch, but the boyfriend turned into the husband and my girlfriend turned into the wife, so we could never touch again.

I had a chance went she got divorced. I went to see her at work about a job (yah, right) and out came the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She showed me the job, and as she sat at the computer I looked up at her face as she worked and yes, I fell in love with her that day. When we went to lunch we walked into some restaurant in Harvard Square, and as we walked in the barker out front looked at us and commented "What a beautiful couple we were" (he didn't know) and she sort of laughed it off. Little did she know.

I stood in front of my house trying to decide who it was going to be. I had kids by this time, so the choice was very painful. She had someone who was "interested", someone she thought was "it". She didn't know how I felt, and by this time, I was a "married guy" so i didn't registered on her radar. But I knew that if I tried hard enough, I would have won her heart. But as the song says, I had to choose one and leave the other behind.

In those moments you never realize what the outcome might be. The question of "If I could go back knowing what I know now" is easily amswered on this one.

Yes. I would have left the other behind.

You know, Red, I can still taste you today.

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