The Case of Mr. Dowd  

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5/23/2006 4:16 am

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The Case of Mr. Dowd

Act 1 - Overture --------------------------------------

Time is fleeting.

"You run and you run to catch up with sun but it's sinking,
racing around to come up behind you again."*

True words, really. Sound like a mid-life crisis? Yeah, probably. But doesn't everyone?

Why are you here? you, me, same-same underneath. We all experience the same feelings.
Then you have to make a choice and act.

Act 2 - Reasoning ---------------------------------

I'll be up front - I'm a MWM, looking for another.
Not a replacement - no one can be replaced.

Did you ever meet someone, and get that instant "ON" signal? You turn away, then sneak a look back, and you see that they're looking at you too, and their signal is turned on? There's an instant spark that happens, and you both know you'd love to do something about it, right there, right then, right now!

But you can't. Propriety and etiquette stop you. You're with your partner, she's with hers. You meet. You chat. You steal glances. You reach over for a glass on the table, accidentally brushing against her, and she doesn't pull away. She leans over to say something to you and you don't hear what she's saying because as she leans forward her breast nestles so perfectly against the crook of your arm that you can feel how perfect they are. You feel her breath on your neck and you smell her perfume and you go quietly insane with desire for this woman.

It happens, and happens, and happens. You look in each other's eyes, only for seconds each time, then quickly look away so no one will see. You know that there's something else there, something that you feel - a magnet cord that stretches between you both as you travel the room. You dance, you drink, you laugh, then life goes on into the night. As you say your goodnights, you both look into each other's eyes and wonder what might have been. As you're walking away you turn to steal one more glance at this perfect woman - and you see that she is turning to stealing a last glance at you.

Act 3 - Quest for Fire ------------------------------------

So what do I do? How does one quench the unquenchable fire?
Flirting is like putting out the fire with gasoline - it only adds to the inbearable tension felt between souls that cannot touch.

I wonder where she is now?

quick6forU 57M
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5/24/2006 10:00 pm

Was that you?

I think I had the steak that night.
Steak and Blues-a good combination.

See you there next week?

quick6forU 57M
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5/25/2006 9:38 pm

I'll bring a rose so you'll know it's me -

or is that too obvious?

how will I know you?

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