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5/7/2005 1:05 pm

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Wow is All I can say. I did my first online meeting/ live date in about 4 years. It was a big step for me. After getting so burnt when I tried online dating a few years ago,I totally swore off dating. But I am back in the saddle now and it was a nice evening.
No fireworks but someone I would see again. At 41 I am not really looking for the crazies that usually comes with fireworks anyway. What I want is someone that keeps me warm and safe feeling, someone who I can blend who and what I am with and not have to totally change for. Not a copy of me but someone to make live a little more interesting. It's fun to see new parts of the world though the eyes of someone you care about. This gentleman was my age with old time dating manners. We wound up setting the date late due to my feet dragging, had an inexpensive late dinner then headed to my place to watch some TV.
cuddling in those nice strong arms was sweet! I never watched K-1, it is some form of kick boxing. It seems that watching muscular men kick the heck out of each other turns me on more then porn. I can not realy tell you much more of went on last night because a lady never kisses and tells.

If he calls again I will be glad to hear from him. If he does not I am glad I had a nice evening.

What I work up to after falling sleep at four am.
7:00 am ring ring
"Mom can you pick me up? "
"Where are you?"
" I don't know. castle street or something.We have been walking for an hour"
" Though you were in Pikeville at an after prom party"
"It got creepy so we left"
"What happened to your ride"
" They left at 3 am"
"We had another ride but he was to drunk to drive"
"Do you have any idea where you are."
"What do you see around you"
"Houses and fields"
"Does the person you are with have a clue where you are? ok when you started walking were where you"
"I don't know It was dark some field with tents and a fire. but we are walking up a big hill maybe when we get to the top we can figure out where we are"
"Mom? can you take my friend home to?"

So I of course have never herd of castle street. Have no clue how to find it, or realy which town it is in. So I wind up calling the cops again (not 911). Why do teens make you have the need to call the cops from time to time? I was impressed how they handled it. I guess parents calling about wondering lost teens is not unusual in my town.

"Mom, we are at the top of the hill can't see anything. We found a bikers yard, at least it looks like a bikers yard, it has a American flag and a pow flag. We have been up for 26 hours, we need sleep. Do you think a biker will understand people sleeping in his yard?A biker will right?"

Not sure weather to laugh or cry I tell them to just lay down and stop walking so I can find them. I came from the top of the hill and saw two kids in hoodies sleeping in a bikers yard, Yes, I am sure he would have understood.We live in one of those good old fashioned towns were people still help each other. A quarter mile later they knew exactly where they were. I took them out for a warm breakfast and heard stories a mom never wants to hear. Ah, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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6/26/2005 3:47 am

some times its just best too let Morgan do what she wants too do

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