Sex with pets  

qship52 64M
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4/1/2006 11:35 pm

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4/11/2006 8:55 am

Sex with pets

NO! I don't mean 'having sex WITH pets' (gross!)

I wonder how many of you have ever had sex, and noticed your your pet was watching you? Did it bother you? Make you feel a bit nervous?

How about when you are going at it, and your dog lays his/her head on your leg, or your cat decides its time to lie down between your legs? I can tell you that it bothered me!

But the worst time was once when I was on top, going at it, and we had a new kitten. Kitten gets on the bed, and see those interesting, furry round things swinging back and forth, and .... well, you can pretty much guess what happened there. POUNCE! and OUWWW! You talk about ways to deflate the male member in an instant - you have a cat grab your balls with both paws and sink claws in, and you can bet that's the fastest case of coitus interruptus on record!

I wonder how many others have similar tales. I was too embarrassed for years to mention this one,
but what the heck.

danigirl1000 57F

4/2/2006 5:04 am

Hey , I'm sorry ......but it had me giggling.
Just pictured it in my mind.....omgg......hillarious !!!!

And nooooo, never had a pet watch me !!!

rm_PurryKitty2 49M/51F
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4/2/2006 6:57 am

My cat watches and I hate it!

Welcome to the blogs

Purry {=}


angelofmercy5 60F
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4/2/2006 9:46 am

Welcome to the blogs!

My dog watches sometimes....most of the time she runs away when it starts getting loud. Once she jumped on my man's back and scratched the heck out of him right in the final moment if you get my drift!

rm_elfin60 51F

4/2/2006 9:57 am

Yes, my then boyfriend and I were going at it on the couch and our roommate's dog come up behind my him and stuck his wet doggie nose between his cheeks and licked. I started to laugh my ass off so it ended the sex right then and there.

qship52 64M

4/2/2006 10:05 am

Do you still let the dog in the room when you have sex?

I made sure the dogs were OUT of the room and the door was latched. Cats are harder to control, since they could be hiding and come out when you least expect. I think I have cat anxiety now.

I would not have expected a dog to actually jump on someone. I just find it distracting as hell when they lay their head on the edge of the bed, don't bark, but just give you that "what's going on here?" look, and that "Hey, couldn't you just stop now and feed me?" look, with big imploring eyes.

rm_wetfingeraz 55F
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4/2/2006 2:07 pm

I can't even have them in the room when I masturbate.

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