Comfortable strangers  

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4/16/2006 12:00 am

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Comfortable strangers

Why are bloggers so comfortable posting such intimate thoughts to complete strangers?

It seems people will write things to a largely anonymous audience that they would not say to a co-worker, relative, or even a close friend.

I think it is because they define the relationship from the blog itself. The writer is accepted as the person they are based on the writings. The readers give (mostly) positive feedback, leading to more writing.

Because this is how the persona is defined, there is an expectation that the person is the way they write, and that the writings are accepted by the readers. Some normal constraints on accepted behavior are removed in this format, and so the writer can simply allow thoughts to flow without having to explain him/herself from another point of view.

Couple that with some degree of anonymity based on using a profile instead of a real name, and you have a formula for people to be very candid.

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