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fond memories

Double your Pleasure....... Susan couldn't resist teasing her clit with her finger through the thin cloth of her panties as she watch the guys sucking on each others hard cock, it was something she had seen on video’s but only fantasised about seeing in the flesh, the sight and the attention she was paying to her clit was making her feel very horny her pussy was getting very warm and wet, pulling the crotch of her panties aside she slid a finger deep into her pussy, she was so wet, sliding her finger in and out in time with paul probing steve’s ass with his finger while he licked his along the length of his cock , this was more than she could stand, she knew she had to get a closer look at the action. She approached the side of the bed both the guys paused, looked at her and beckoned her to join them, at first she was a little nervous but as they both rose from the bed and began to undo her blouse she felt the nervousness subside and excitement take over, she began to assist them to remove her clothes soon she was stood there completely naked with each of the guys sucking on her hard nipples, enjoying the attention of two guys on her breasts she reached down and took a hard cock in each hand, this was a first, she had never held two cock at the same time before, she gently massaged both cocks making her pussy begin to throb in anticipation. The concentration she was giving the two cocks in her hands and the two guys fondling her breasts was disturbed as she felt a hand on her thigh and a hand on her ass at the same time, as a hand slid up her thigh she parted her legs to give access to her now dripping wet pussy, a finger probed into her pussy from behind another began to play with her clit from the front, one finger became two, finger fucking her pussy deeper and faster, the hot mouths on her pouting breasts and two hands playing with her hot wet pussy was all too much, it seemed like it was only a matter of minutes before she could feel an orgasm consuming her body, the orgasm was so intense much more intense than she had ever experienced before, her legs felt weak and could hardly support her anymore she needed to sit on the edge of the bed, she sat down looked up at the guys and noticed the guys were kissing and holding each others cock, these guys were so into each other, she watched, she felt an immense need to be involved the sight was turning her on so much.. Susan fell to her knees between them and began to take each cock in turn into her mouth, gently rubbing the two ends together while she licked them, the guys continued kissing passionately each one gently thrusting his cock into her mouth as they felt her hot lips on the end. Paul pulled away and knelt beside her and joined her in sucking steves cock taking it in turn to engulf the rock hard cock, the sighs of pleasure from steve and the taste of precum making the experience all the more intense watching a guy suck another guys cock was something she had always wanted to watch and there it was happening just inches from her eyes, a dream come true. She felt a hand on her pussy from behind, she rose slightly to accommodate, as pauls finger found her clit a shudder ran through her whole body the whole experience was more than she had ever dreamed of, steve’s thrusts into pauls mouth caused a slight gag then disappeared deep into paul’s throat, the sight amazed her, this was something she could never do. It wasn’t much longer before her pussy was aching to be filled by both of these cocks, paul’s probing fingers first one then two entered her hole she yearned to be fucked and fucked hard!!, the words “ fuck me!! “ slipped from her mouth, she was shocked this was something she had not done before, talking dirty was not what she did she, It seemed totally involuntary. She felt paul’s hand move away from between her legs as paul stood up and sat on the edge of the bed, he reached down, grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him as she rose he laid back on the bed holding his cock upright in readiness for her, she wanted that cock inside her so much, she straddled his legs and slowly impailed herself on the rock hard cock, it felt so good as the cock filled her aching hungry pussy, she leaned back, she felt pauls hands caressing her breasts gripping her nipples between his fingers, as he massaged them, he pumped his cock in her hole, each thrust satisfying the hunger of her pussy. Her eyes opened wide and looked down in amazement when she felt a tongue begin to probe her clit she watched as steve gently sucked on each ball of paul’s balls, run his tongue up the pussy soaked shaft and on to her clitoris, the sight and sensation was consuming her, these guy were using her, but she was loving every second of it, her whole body got a warm rush as she subsided into another orgasm the more she sighed, the deeper paul rammed his cock and the harder and faster steve flicked her clit with his tongue the orgasm was all consuming, making her body shudder, she had no control. Susan was brought back to reality as she felt pauls cock pull out of her pussy and begin to shoot warm cum onto her lower belly, steve was quick to react and took pauls cock into his mouth, tasting the mixture of susan’s pussy and paul’s cum, this was something he always enjoyed, he was determined to consume every last drop, susan could feel paul underneath her shuddering and moaning with pleasure as every last drop of cum was being sucked from his cock, steve mopped up the drops that had escaped on to her tummy with his tongue as he moved down her tummy and over her clean shaven pubic mound he gave her clit a quick flick with his tongue he looked up and smiled at susan as she gave out a whimper. Rising from his knees susan looked down to see his cock stood to attention and ready for action, he leaned towards her and began to push his hard cock into her aching pussy, susan sighed as he achieved full penetration in just one thrust, his cock was longer and thicker than the pauls it totally filled her pussy with every deep hard thrust, Paul, still underneath her began to massage her breasts and gently tweaking her nipples again, he slid one hand down her tummy to reach her pussy but couldn't quite reach, to assist him she raised herself onto her arms and moved back slightly causing steve to move forward and support himself with his arms on the bed, bringing him so close to her, she felt like the filling in a hot guy sandwich, she looked down to watch pauls hand find it's way to her pussy, the sight was amazing seeing steve rhythmically plowing his cock deep in her pussy while paul fondles her very sensitive and tender clitoris and tweaks her left nipple susan got totally lost in the moment and gave out involuntary sighs of pleasure. Her ecstasy was disturbed when susan began to feel Pauls hardening cock against her ass, steve noticed her alert and looked down to she what was happening he smiled then reached down and began to massage the semi hard cock while he still plowed susans hot wet hole, successfully restoring Pauls cock to it's former glory, he pulled both of them closer to the edge of the bed so he could be upright, susan was shocked as steve then raised her legs and positioned Pauls cock at her wet anus, she was unsure about this, she had tried anal sex before and didn't totally dislike it, but was really unsure about this, double penetration only happened in mucky video's, but it was happening here and now. As the end of pauls cock penetrated into her wet sphincter she felt a mixture of pain and sheer pleasure she was unsure about it, although it wasn’t too bad in fact it was exciting her, it was another new experience, but while she had doubts she still felt it was wrong Susan demonstrated her dismay by pulling away and dismounting on to the bed steve climbed onto the bed and said "if you wont then i will" as he straddled pauls body, susan watched in awe as she saw pauls cock slide into steves ass, steve whinced slightly as he sank all the way down paul’s hard shaft as he rose up and sank down again the wince turned to a look of real pleasure, susan watched as steve got into a rhythm his hard cock still wet from her pussy bouncing up and down with each movement, she moved closer and bent down to take his cock into her mouth, she loved the taste of her own pussy, as steve slowly slid up and down on pauls hard cock, his moans were music to her ears each moan coaxing her to suck harder and faster on his cock, he gave out a loud sigh and retorted “ i’m cumming!!” as he filled her mouth with hot cum he held her head with both hands so she could not escape and tightened his ass on pauls hard cock as wave after wave filled her mouth it was all she could do to swallow quickly enough, susan looked up to see the expression of sheer pleasure on his face as the last drops seeped into her mouth. Steve began to ride paul’s cock burried deep in his ass even harder, riding the full length, rising till the end almost came out then plunging down, giving out a little sigh each time the cock made contact with his prostate sending a shudder though his whole body. Susan turned her attention to paul dangling her breasts over his face offering him each nipple in turn to suck and tease with his tongue. Watching his tongue on her breasts brought another idea into her head, she rose up and straddled pauls head while facing steve, paul stiffened his tongue as susan parted her vulva with each hand exposing her hardened clitoris, she rubbed it against the tip of his tongue gently at first applying more pressure with each gyration of her hips, she moved backward and forwards sinking slightly when his tongue reached her hole and ass she loved the feeling of paul’s expert tongue jutting in and out of her anus, she began to rub her clit at the same time, paul grunted, he could feel himself slipping over the edge, he tried fighting it but each plunge of two asses one on his cock and one on his tongue made his resistance subside that bit more until he exploded into steves ass, steve bellowed "yes" as the last spurt left the sensitive swollen end of pauls cock, this made susan explode into a frantic orgasm making her more vocal than she had ever been before, this was not like her, the whole experience had brought out a whole new insatiable woman. They lay entwined on the bed in silence, their sweaty bodies coming down from the high of what they had just shared, each of them contemplating the pleasures they had experienced, after 10 minutes of fond memories and gently touching each other susan said " i need a shower" and began to get up from the bed, one of the paul said "i think we all do" and winked each of them smiled and headed to the bathroom.

Susan reached into the shower to turn it on, her first thought were it is going to be a bit cramped, typical hotel room bathroom, very pokey and a bit crowded with three people in there. Paul tested the temperature of the water then climbed in beckoning Susan and Steve to join him, they did without hesitation, Paul lathered his hands with soap and began to massage Steve’s chest and Susan’s breasts at the same time stopping momentarily to re-lather his hands, his hand slid from Steve’s chest down his stomach and took hold of his flaccid cock and began to massage it, Susan looked down and watched as it began to swell and grow in Paul’s soapy hand the sight awakening her again, she reached between her legs and began to massage her now quite tender pussy, she had not seen so much action in a long time, not since her and her husband had first met, then they were at it every night, nowadays that has been reduced to drunken fumblings on a Saturday night, her pussy had received a whole months worth of attention in just one hour. The feelings of tenderness were overcome by the feelings of pleasure as she repeatedly run her finger over her clit and slid the tip of her finger into her warm wet hole. Steve’s cock was now fully erect and waiting for Paul to re-lather his hands, Susan took hold if it, she gripped it quite firmly, watching intently as she slowly drew his foreskin backward and forwards over the bulbous end, her finger slipping in and out of her hole keeping perfect time with each stroke. Paul realising his freshly lathered hands were now redundant turned them on himself as he watched Susan playing with herself and Steve’s cock, his cock stiffening with each stroke, Paul dropped to his knees in front of them both and licked the end of Steve’s cock while Susan continued to massage it, the sight of a mans mouth on another mans cock was always something that always did it for Susan, she firmly gripped the base of Steve’s cock and pulled forward urging him into Paul’s mouth, as she fed Steve’s cock in and out of Paul’s mouth she felt Paul’s hand slowly sliding up the back of her leg, her pussy tingling in anticipation as the tips of his fingers slowly moved up her inner thigh, she gasped as two fingers joined her own in her hole, it felt uncomfortable, her pussy was a little too tender at the moment, Paul noticed that with each thrust of his fingers Susan stiffened and moved away, she was obviously not enjoying it, after removing them, he could feel Susan relax again, she now had one hand pushing on the back of his head and the other on Steve’s cock, feeding it deep into his throat, much to her own amazement she felt empowered and was really enjoying it, even getting vocal “ suck that cock” and “suck it hard” seemed to just come out of her mouth, she had took control but had lost all self control and loving every second of it, no longer the inhibited shy woman, she felt released and daring, Steve’s sighs of pleasure and the slight gag sound from Paul as Steve’s cock slid into his throat filled the air with excitement making her even more vocal “give it to him” “all of it” came streaming out of her mouth, she was interrupted as she felt Paul’s hand moving on her ass she stiffened slightly as he lowered his hand anticipating his fingers heading towards her tender pussy again, he paused at her anus and began to press a finger on her sphincter, this was not what she anticipated and relaxed slightly allowing the tip of his finger to enter her, she pressed against his finger allowing it to sink deeper into her ass, she was being naughty and in control, making her feel she could do anything she wanted, all inhibitions had flown right out of the window, as she rode the finger in her ass and watched the guys she muttered “mmmm that feels good” “fuck my ass” these vocalisations were more than Steve could stand, words such as “give him your load” and “swallow Paul swallow” came from Susan as he filled Paul’s mouth with a gush of hot cum, as Paul moved his head back she held it tight and squeezed Steve’s cock urging every last drop into Paul’s mouth, during the excitement Paul had offered two fingers to Susan’s ass he felt pleased as she had accepted them and was slowly riding them, she released the grip on the back of his head as she felt Steve’s cock softening, as Steve’s cock fell from Paul’s mouth he looked up at Susan, she smiled, she had that contented look on her face, like the cat that had just got the cream, she reached behind and held Paul’s hand as she slid her ass off his fingers, she bent down and taking hold of his hard cock whispered in his ear “I want this in my ass” he quickly rose to his feet while she still had hold of his cock, she give it a little squeeze then let go as she stepped out of the shower, she positioned herself in front of the sink and bent over with one hand on each tap her legs apart with her wet buttocks pouting invitingly into the air, Paul knelt behind her and gently bit her cheek before diverting his attention to her pussy, she rose on to her toes as he sank his tongue into her pussy and then into her ass, her sighs and the occasional mmmmm indicating she was enjoying every second of it. Feeling the moment was right Paul rose to his feet, held his cock firmly in his hand and pressed the end against her wet anus penetrating slowly, Susan gripped the taps so hard they hurt as Paul’s cock inched into her ass a little bit deeper with each push, she had tried anal sex with her husband but hadn’t particularly enjoyed it, he was too rough, this time was different, this time she had been the instigator and Paul was being so gentle, she loosened her grip on the taps and began to push against Paul’s cock forcing it deep into her ass the more she allowed herself to relax the more she began to enjoy it, she began to feel daring and adventurous again, she looked over at Steve who pulled down the lid and was sitting on the toilet admiring the spectacle and said “don’t just sit there, join in” Steve didn’t need telling twice, he stood up and moved behind Paul pressing his limp cock against his ass, he reached round and tweaked his nipples while kissing the back of his neck and shoulders, this was something he knew Paul enjoyed, this time was no exception, the way Paul closed his eyes and rolled his head back gave it all away, running his tongue slowly down Paul’s spine he slowly sunk to his knees, firmly gripping each cheek he parted them to expose Paul’s hole, a slight flick with his tongue made Paul’s legs judder, stiffening his tongue he pressed it into Paul’s ass causing him to give out a loud moan and a “yessss”, as Paul withdrew his cock from Susan’s ass Steve’s tongue ventured deeper into his causing even more vocalisations, Susan, curious, wanted to know what was going on, she could hear Paul’s ecstatic moans, she raised her self into a more upright position, causing her ass to grip tightly on Paul’s cock, so tight it stopped his thrusts, Paul put his arms around her body to assist her to keep balance, she looked over her shoulder at him and asked “what is going on back there” “I’ve got Steve’s tongue in my ass” Paul replied, she produced a knowing smile and said “mmmm I see”, running his hands up her body he took a breast in each hand massaging them as Susan made small gyrating movements on the cock buried deep in her ass, he closed his eyes, nibbled gently on Susan’s shoulders, he realised he was in heaven, he would like to be in this position forever. Steve disturbed Paul’s ecstasy as he removed his tongue and pressed his fingertip into his hole, he watched intently as his finger slid deeper into his ass, all kinds of thoughts ran through his head, imagining one day that his finger would be replaced by his cock, although they had known each other for quite some time now Paul had always remained strictly ‘top’ all he knew was that some experience in the past had deterred him from having anal sex, for now he could only dream that one day Paul would give in. While sliding his finger in and out of Paul’s ass he moved his other hand between their legs to find Susan’s clitoris, her gyrating paused as he found her button, but resumed as he gently began to rub, her moans increased in volume as he quickened the pace, Paul’s hands massaging her breasts trapping her erect nipples between his fingers, his whole cock deep in her ass, Steve’s finger playing with her clit was more than she could stand as she gave a final loud moan and slipped into a violent orgasm that shook her whole body, he could feel her juices wetting the palm of his hand, he slid two fingers deep into her pussy she retorted “oh my god” as her whole body shook even more, her ass gripped Paul’s cock so hard it hurt causing him to contort his face, he could feel Steve’s fingers in Susan’s pussy on his cock. As the orgasm subsided she began to release the painful grip her ass had on his cock, she muttered “mmmmm wow” as she began to slump over the sink, she had never had an orgasm so intense before, Susan felt Steve’s fingers withdraw and Paul resume slowly fucking her ass, Steve’s finger fucking his ass at the same time, as the pace increased Susan gave out instructions “fuck me”, “I want to see you cum” he knew it wouldn’t be long before he had to obey her last command, he could feel his balls tightening in readiness to release his load, as he withdrew form Susan’s ass and took hold of his cock, Susan turned and knelt in front of him issuing more commands “come on baby”, “cum on my face”, “cum on my tits”, “just cum on me”, as the first blast hit her neck, she rose slightly to see more released onto her breasts, she took hold of his cock and used the end to encircle her nipples and spread his cum all over tits as it softened, Steve removed his finger from Paul’s hole and moved to stand beside him, Susan a cock in each hand looked up both guys winked and smiled, no words where needed each one of them was totally drained and satisfied although Steve’s cock did begin to swell in her hand, prompting her to let go and stand up, saying “I still need a shower” as she climbed back in and began to clean herself, Paul noticed Steve’s cock was coming back to life as they watched Susan in the shower, he moved behind Steve, reached round and took his cock in his hand and began slip his foreskin backwards and forwards, as he spoke into Steve’s ear “ you want your cock in that tight ass, don’t you”, “deep in her tight hole”, Susan heard Paul’s voice, wiped the soap from her eye’s and took a look to see what was happening, when she realised what was happening she began to play along, she took her breasts in each hand and said “you wanna suck on these hard nipples” she slid her hand down over her shaven mound and asked “you wanna lick this pussy?” , cum shot from Steve’s cock onto the floor as Paul increased the speed of his hand, Susan smiled and thought it’s a good job that happened when it did, otherwise I’d be off again. After they had all showered and got dressed, booked out of the Travelodge and headed to the car park, they stood chatting complimenting each other for the great afternoon they had just experienced, after the hugs and exchange of mobile numbers they each headed towards their respective cars and departed.

steelmagnolias1 50F

7/16/2006 10:22 pm

I am about ready to do a mfm threesome. I know that the guys are not into doing anything with each other, the entire thing is suppose to me about me. I can't wait! Reading your blog has made me wonder about the guys. I am not read to be with another woman but my two guys is something that I am really looking forward to!

Thanks for telling us what else can happen with a threesome of mfm.

opalfruits333 50F

3/21/2007 12:19 am


You definately have a way with words! I loved both this one and 'curiosity satisfied', but this one especially because it is so close to my own fantasies! I couldn't help but join in...

I have another mmf fantasy, but my problem is that i havn't the skill with words you have!

I really enjoyed these and can't wait for more!

ShyButKinkyGuy 34
1 post
4/27/2007 7:13 am

wow i hope your offer for me to join you two still stands.. i'd love to be one of those cocks in that story

artyboy1968 49M/47F
2 posts
8/16/2007 10:45 pm

great stuff.........tell us more.

pussssssssycat 44F
87 posts
1/12/2008 2:07 pm

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, how I envy Susan. As I red your post I became wetter and hotter, until I could not resist plunging my fingers into my pussy and them using my juices to play with my straining clit. OMG, delicious made me cum hard.
Thank you. P xx

brightside007 48M

9/19/2008 8:54 am

love your blogs !! would love to try some of it for real with you..... sure it would be fun just us - then who knows from there !!

pussssssssycat 44F
87 posts
9/27/2008 7:22 am

I revisted this today and had forgotten how HOT it is...Mmmmmm came twice this time, sooooooooo wet, Purrrrrr x

brightside007 48M

10/10/2008 7:59 am

i keep coming back pusssssssssycat - its so horny something i would love to be involved in ............... wow !!!!!

artyboy54 63M

1/13/2010 1:34 am

What a great story.

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