The flip side...  

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2/22/2006 8:43 am

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The flip side...

In my last post, I wrote about the lack of sex I'm getting from my dates off AdultFriendFinder. It's funny, because a year ago, I was having the exact opposite problem.

I met this girl from here and we hit it off right away. We did the usual communication and decided to meet. She was (and still is) the most gorgeous lady I've ever been with. I told her she should be in one of those shows on the WB. She was hot in that kind of way. Anyway, we met at a hotel and we talked for a while. It was nice. I was really digging her. One thing led to another and we had sex. Again, she was insanely beautiful and I thought I must be the luckiest man alive to have been with her. We stayed the night and cuddled and talked and slept. It was wonderful! When it was over, we decided to meet again.

I won't lie, I started to develop feelings for her. For our second meeting, I planned to take her out for dinner. I picked her up and, of course, she looked incredible. I asked her if she was hungry. She said she wasn't. She just wanted to have sex again. Well, I was hungry, but what could I do? So, we had sex.

We made a third date after that. This time I was sure she'd want to see a movie. So, when I picked her up again, she declined the movie offer and just wanted to have sex again. I couldn't believe she passed up the chance to watch a good 'chick flick' at the theatre.

Still determined, though, for our fourth date, I planned a romantic walk on the beach at night and back to my place to cuddle up and watch a dvd. I mean, chicks dig that, right? Sure enough, though, she just wanted to skip all that and have sex.

What's up with this girl? I mean, don't get me worng, the sex was amazing and she was a "dream girl" for me, physically. (Way out of my league!) I was really into her, but all she wanted from me was sex. I felt so used. Here I was with feelings for this girl and wanting to pursue a relationship with her, but she just wanted a booty call. She never came out and said that, but it was pretty apparent. And then, worse still, she stopped calling back after the fourth date. I guess four times was enough for her. In the back of my mind, I suspected she was either married or involved seriously with someone. She said she wasn't, but the clues were there. I figure she thought I was a good guy who treated her nicely and she wanted to experience that for a while. Once she did, she decided to move on.

I'm not complaining, mind you. I'm glad I met her and I wish her all the best. And, I know it's hypocritical of me to whine about the lack of sex I'm getting from girls on the site in my last post, then gripe about getting too much in this one. But, remember, I'm just a dumb guy. God made me this way. Get mad at him! It's not my fault.

Now, I know this site isn't the best one to use if you're looking for love. And, I'm not looking for it, really. If it happens, great. But, I'm not actively seeking it out. It would be nice, though, to find someone with whom you have a really tight connection mentally and sexually. I think that could be found on here, but I havne't found it yet...

rm_doubled465 64F

4/20/2007 7:22 am

with a heart the size of yours , there has got to be one lucky lady out there keep looking one day you'll realize she was there all along . If i was'nt old enough to be your mother i'd throw my hat in the ring for a chance of stealing a part of that heart.Good luck baby wish you all the best.

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