A Close Call  

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A Close Call

A Close Call

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice, attractive lady from this site. She contacted me first and, from there, we emailed, IMed and talked on the phone for about two weeks before we decided to meet. She was about as wholesome as any girl I've ever met, although she did have a wild side. We decided that we would meet at her house because her 16 year old son would be working until 11pm that night.

I decided that I would bring over a movie for us to watch. I figured I would bring a good chick flick that would let her see my sensitive side. I rented "Notting Hill" with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Nice, romantic movie that I thought she would love. (Although, I was hoping we wouldn't make it all the way through the movie!)

When I got there, she looked great! She wore a very revealing, low cut mini dress with nothing on underneath it. She hugged me very hard and gave me a playful squeeze at the end. For a minute, I thought we wouldn't even get to the movie. But, being a gentleman, I didn't make a move right then.

She put the movie in and we sat on the couch and starting watching it. I got wrapped up in it and forgot to try to make a move on her. After about an hour of the movie, she hit the pause button and looked at me. I figured she had to pee or something, so I didn't say anything. Then she asked me if I was going to watch the movie all night or if I was going to kiss her. I thought about it for a minute and decided that since I had already seen the movie once, I reckon' I should kiss her. So, I did.

Well, it didn't take long for the good stuff to start after that. It got pretty hot and heavy and I asked her if wanted to go to her room. She said she wanted to stay on the couch, which was fine with me. I took my clothes off and pulled her dress up over her waist. I spread her legs and starting having a buffet with her pussy. I was really getting into it and so was she. I was doing it for a few minutes when all of the sudden, the front door opened! "SHIT!", said she. "HOLY SHIT", said I. I should explain that the front door led to the kitchen first, then the living room. So, I had about twenty seconds to get my clothes on before her son...yes, it was her son, he got off work early...walked into the living room.

She immediately jumped off of the couch and stood up. She was still dressed, so it was easy for her. I grabbed my clothes and put them on as fast as I could. (I used to be in the army, so I got pretty good at 'speed dressing.') By the time the young man made it to the living room, I was fully dressed and pretending to try to fix the dvd player. My date introduced me top her son and we chatted very briefly. I held my hat infront of my dick to hide my hard on. It was sooo uncomfortable! Then, she gave him some money and told him to go get himself some fast food. The McDonalds was about five miles away, so that gave us a little time to finish what we started.

When her son left, I realized that my shirt was on backwards and inside out and my underwear was still on the floor! She thought it was funny and was sure he didn't notice. The lights were dimmed, so maybe he didn't. I was just glad he didn't see what I was doing to his mother. That's the kind of thing that can scar a kid for life. Can you imagine watching your mother get eaten out? Wow!

We didn't waste time after that. We went to her room and she jumped on top on time. I didn't get fully undressed this time. With both of us almost fully clothed, she started riding me on her bed. I usually last a very long time, but since our situation was urgent, I came in a matter of minutes. It was so exciting and very erotic. The possibility of getting caught again made it even hotter. She was able to get off, too, and we hurried and cleaned ourselves up before her son returned.

We finished the movie while he stayed in his room. I left after the movie and we decided to see each other again. (We went out a few more times after that.) All in all, it was a very satisfying night. A Hugh Grant movie and sex with a new hottie. What more can a guy ask for?

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Wow.....don't you hate it when someone messes up your plan.....lol
Definitely a good thing the kid didn't see....Yikes!
Sounds like it was a really hott night for both of you.....The kind that brings a mischeivous smile to your face anytime you remember it..

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