Satisfaction Was Not Guaranteed  

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6/11/2005 12:47 pm

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Satisfaction Was Not Guaranteed

But who could possibly go to bed unsatisfied with 20 other people there. The match seemed in favor of more women to men but that's because I was around women more than men, as when they were done with us, usually by 10 AM and 10PM we had the day to ourselves. We were home schooled and that is the subject of a whole chapter. I wanted to be a teacher and still may go back to do that. Our school started after 11:30 AM and lasted until the leader let us go out to play. I guess you call that recess up here, another new word for me as well as well as finding out there were such things as VCR's, Blackberrys, and daytime TV.

Someone brought a TV back from a shopping event one Christmas time and they had to set up a huge dish antenna to make it work. I was pretty small, around 6 I think and was delighted to see another world on the screen with houses close together and Archie Buunkers hollering at his wife. We were limited as to waht we could see as all the electronic stuff was in the supply room where Mims daughter Jeweles, would sit and talk on the phone and later a computer set up for ordering our stuff. We were not supposed to be in there but many times I was led in there by Jakes or one of the other workers to blow jizim.
We didn't have your lingo about fucking and sucking cock, it was much more laid back and in a jargon that was easily recognizable to us but maybe not to the drivers or visitors that came by now and then. The talk was just leftover from days in the bathtub with our peers or our leaders that washed us. Like maybe Jewels would come over to me and ask if I liked the stories that Laars (I used to think his name was Lards,) a driver from the food company was telling us and I nodded a big yes! She told me to go over and thank him and see if he wanted me to blow jizim with him. I gleefully waltzed over in front of the breakfast group, and asked Big Laars the question that the men almost never answered no to. Da ya want me to blow your jizim! They usually picked me up and carried me off to a more quiet place and we proceeded to blow and suck and blow and suck each other until we had jizim all over the place and then it was time for another bath! All the guys loved it and we did, too as we knew that by pleasuring the men and women, we would be loved and respected. No one ever thought about vaginal intercourse at that time as it was just so much fun blowing or sucking the jizim. The rumors around the girls were that it would make our breasts grow bigger if we were to swollow the paste as it was loaded with nutrients and also prevent us from wearing glasses.

I couldn't do it at first as it made me gag but eventually was like the dessert after a turkey dinner. None of us wore many clothes as Jeweles, also the laundry department didn't like stained laundry to be done together so we just didn't have them. The guys laundry was done in a seperate machine as their clothing was real dirty from ranch work and from the garage guys. They got really crusty fixing the equipment. Next I'll tell you about the them, what we had to do to make them ready, and their day as they really kept our place in business and we liked to play with them as much as they enjoyed our company. (to be continued)

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