A Visit To Joe's  

pusseatinjarhead 60M
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7/2/2006 7:34 pm
A Visit To Joe's

“A Visit to Joe’s” jcr

Pyramids surrounded by circles,
Crosses on the walls,
Architecture of the ages.
The dance of courtship,
Of geekdom…of fun.
Predators roam;
“Puter” girl replaced by ice cream couple.
Coffee…or long islands await.
Shades at night…Spirals…Black top…tank tops;
So much more, never seen…or never shown…
Just like the rest of life..?

“Two men and a Truck”, only one inside…
One car pulls out…one pulls in;
Couples of all kinds,
Some walking hand in hand.
Still amazing how a smile can speak in so many languages…
Crossing all lines.

Pain, beauty…
Exciting and boring lives all joind;
Another night in Paradise…
Or trainer Dave’s neighborhood.

John Charles Rhoades


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