A True Fantasy  

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A True Fantasy

“A True Fantasy” jcr

Smile pretty lady, it’s good for you.
Happiness on your face accents your lovely features.
As when watching a dove in flight
it’s quite a pleasant sight when blessed with your light
and the beauty deep within.
Yet, who am I to speak?
A stranger to you, I am but another face,
passing by I need no reason why…but oh,
much more than meets the eye.
Like a quickly passing dream that makes you smile
I could for a sort while
help your fantasies, dreams
and hopes come true.
I’ll bring freedom…
A special gift that’s often left behind
love given simply to share and enjoy
no commitment, no ties, no reason why.
Something far more fun
Than learning to drive
giving love…pure and free
would you like to share that with me?
Talking of life gone past…
Maybe an unexpected rendezvous
in soft dim light,
passion taking flight
Pleasing you above and below
Setting our desire free, teasing timidly
As another of my needs reaches
Unexplored depths, letting love flow.
Forgetting all but our ecstatic pleasure
As hours pass like moments
Would be my joy to share with you
Tender touches, soft kisses and more!
Come fly away for a moment…leave all cares behind
You must if you will
Enter with me a true fantasy
Satisfy our bodies, minds and souls…

John Charles Rhoades

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