A Moment of Life  

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8/21/2006 5:48 pm
A Moment of Life

“A Moment of Life” jcr

Into a new world…Each must take that step each day;
For though each day is similar…each day, and every moment there of,
Holds an element of surprise.
Thus, do not think for an instant…that you know;
What any moment of the future may bring…the future is known by no one,
Plan for it…but do not even try to know.
If a man were allowed to see…everything…all that happened
Throughout the realms of man and God for even the briefest moment of time,
There would be such…a multitude of feeling.
Untold experiences of life…so that the mind which we control;
Could not hope to understand…the pain and joy of one and all,
Happiness and torment of millions of lives.
Obesity and starvation…both look the same in ways;
Stomachs bloated…and both may in fact be empty;
Each void of what truly gives life.
Man never treats his brother…as he would be treated himself;
Everybody’s tryin…for what seems to them as the upper hand;
All seem to be void of what truly gives life.
If I could,
I would ask for only one thing
At the moment of my death…
May I feel, rather, may I know a moment of life
And for that moment,
Let all of life know…freedom from life;
For a moment let all life
Be free…
To share with my fellow man…eternity… Love …and God …whose Love is;

John Charles Rhoades

(written some time between 1977 and 1980)

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