The One That Got Away.  

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7/3/2006 7:37 am

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8/23/2006 7:40 pm

The One That Got Away.

Hello all of you people out there that are at least a little bit interested in me, or you wouldn't be this far. I want to thank you all for coming this far. Are you all ok? Do you need a doctor? A glass of water? A pill? A smoke? A light? A Drink? Are you Drunk now? High now? Did you even look at my picture? My profile? Are you sure you are where you think you are? Because after knowing me for a short period of time, you will wonder all those things. No, I'm just playin. I will bring out the very best in you, and also the worse. WELL, WORSE IN SOME EYES. FUN IN ME EYES. I spent my whole adult life in a bad relationship and now, I'm free to do what I want... any Ole' time...Yea I'm free to do wh..... MY BAD. Sorry now where was I? Oh yea. And now, I am who I always thought I should be. MYSELF. There is light up a frogs ass as long ass you get through the shit first. I'm successful, live in a beautiful new home, live life good. I want someone to share all this with me that can handle the excitement. Be willing to bail, jump, slide, ride, and get out of town when ever we want. I have plenty of friends out there, And I am willing to make another. I hope for more than just a friendship to the right person some day, because I am "The One That Got Away".

rm_cre8tive8888 37F

7/5/2006 12:41 am is the adventure for you thus far???It seems you are disenchanted with things here.I've yet to meet anyone...leery I suppose.I enjoy your creativity...& what pic's you have here...Relationships are such a learning experience I believe...such as a true sword must be folded several times over,fired again and are our lives and ourselves until we reach the beauty of self,shadows and all.Maybe your not the "one who got away",but the one who suffering through experience is ready to be beside what you seek???

purtech75 44M
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7/5/2006 5:11 pm

Maybe, your right cre8tive. Let me hear more of your thoughts. Your mind seems to be very powerful. You choice of words in your comment lit a spark. You should put it out. Thanks for the response. Dennis

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