That was the 4 months that was...  

purpleheader1983 35M
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4/24/2006 1:42 pm
That was the 4 months that was...

Been a while since I've wrote anything, but hey ho I can just do a major update!

So, first was London in January, one of the best weekends away ever, fact. It was helped by starting on the drink at 9 in the morning, but getting on the wrong train reaaaaaalllly didn't help!

After that was my birthday weekend, a day in Headingley and a night in Leeds, according to some gossip I had to be rescued from a few situations that would have left me open to major mockery, but hey it's just gossip, if I can't remember it then obviously it didn't happen!

Various other peoples birthdays and random nights out inbetween, all with a similar theme, me gettin wasted and doing my best to provide the entertainment for everyone

I could've sworn that I had loads to write, but my heads sprung a leak at the minute, if I remember more I'll be back


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