Dreaming of passion  

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6/9/2006 1:01 am

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Dreaming of passion

Just a little something I wrote quite a while back:

No one could ever do me
the way u do it's plain 2 see.
Right now u may be wet
That is not as good as u can get.

Thinking about u, gets me so hot
Whether you're near or whether you're not.
How do u feel? How are u?
Are u hot, for me too?

I'm lieing in my bed
Dreaming of passion.
U are sucking, giving head
Dreaming of passion.
In2 my bed u are led
Dreaming of passion.

As u walk by, I watch u pass
looking right at your hot little ass.
I look at u, u look back at me
don't u know, your lover is all I wanna be.

Blond, Red, Brown or Black hair maybe
but once inside it feels the same 2 me.
What I want is a girl, I'm not being sneaky
What I want is a girl who's really freaky.

We are lieing in my bed
Dreaming of passion
I reach down between your legs
Dreaming of passion
U are so hot and so wet
Dreaming of passion

U and I both know how good it feels
All we have 2 do is keep it real
Are u ready baby, let me in
Are u ready baby, come on, let's begin.

Hope u enjoyed it, let me know what u think.

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