Overnight stay (pt. 2)  

purepulsingpussy 32F
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9/5/2006 2:51 pm
Overnight stay (pt. 2)

(cont'd frm pt. 1)
Soon after, I get restless and begin to stroke his body, my hands working towards his penis. He asks me to ride him so I straddle him working him with my hands to make his dick as hard as possible. I begin to use my mouth on him, trailing soft kisses along the inside of one thigh and back down the other. He moans softly as I work my tongue back up towards his balls. I bury my face between his legs sucking the soft skin that holds him, licking the bare spot underneath his sac where there is no hair. I massage him with my lips taking one and then the other testicle in my mouth. I suck the base of his penis delicately with a moist mouth, slowly nibbling my way upwards towards the head of his cock. As I flick my tongue across him he tenses and I hear him whisper ‘shit!’ I continue to tease and explore him, slowly lifting him towards orgasm before slowing down and letting him recover. Again and again I tantalise him until he comes, the taste of him filling my mouth and covering my lips. His orgasm leaves him spent and in a dreamlike state of pleasure.
Time passes. I lay on my side and he runs his hands over my shoulders, arms, waist and hips. He plants gentle kisses on my back, his soft lips moving smoothly down my body. I turn onto my back and he continues to caress me until he reaches my pussy. He slides one finger between my lips, feeling the silky, wet skin, the tight, slick opening and delicately moves to touch my sensitive clit. I move my hips up towards his touch, wanting him more and more. He teases me; avoiding my clit and making me moan as I long and wait for him to pleasure me more. He takes one finger and dips it into me, using the wet juice to massage my clit, flicking it gently. He slowly lowers his tongue, softly licking me, tasting me, making me horny as hell… He hands me my vibrator and says he wants to see me make myself come. I apply a little KY jelly and slide it into my vagina up to the hilt. I adjust the vibration setting to the maximum and son feel the glow of arousal spread through me, starting at my clit, making my tight, wet pussy quiver and pulse. My lover speaks quietly into my ear, telling me over and over to come for him. He turns me on even more and I feel myself beginning to come. I turn this way and that anticipating the pleasure and then it hits me. Firm contractions invading my pussy...sending waves of adrenaline shuddering through my body. My nipples tingle and every nerve in my body is alive as my orgasm rocks me. I pant desperately as my pulse races, a fine sweat breaking out over my body. Then I feel the sweetest sensation roll through me as my climax ends. I stretch out on the bed and relax for a while until sleep begins to take hold of us...

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