AFF guy no. 2  

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8/6/2006 7:29 am

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AFF guy no. 2

So over the course of time i meet a few nice guys on here.Some of them turn out to be weirdo's but some are jus cool. We can chat and have a laugh and ting. One guy i met turned out to work in the same store as me but at a different branch and not far away either. We'd been tryin to hook up for ages and then one friday night it happened that he was free and i was free so i went round to his area and he met me and lead me through the estate to his yard. From the moment i see him i'm thinking, 'he definitely works out hard, he's not too friendly, maybe he jus doesnt like me' so i'm being reserved and not pushing my luck in case he jus turns round and kicks me out his house. We sit in his room making smalltalk for like 10 mins. I make my excuses and run to his bathroom where i take a deep breath and check my hair and makeup.When i go back he's yawning his head off and saying he's got to get up early for work. This time its like midnite so i'm thinking, 'here we go'. Then he tells me to move over on his bed and climbs on nx to me.He says he's cold and wants to go under the covers and tells me we have to take my clothes off if we are. GREEN LIGHT!!! our clothes are off in a matter of seconds and before i know it we are sweating it up under his duvet on one of the hottest nights of the year and hes sucking and nibbling my nipples til they are rock hard and then he moves his hands down to my pussy where he gently slides his fingers in and begins to stimulate my g spot while rubbing my clit with his thumb. It doesnt take long before he is rock hard himself.As we are laying side ways on i move further down the bed and take his penis in my mouth.The first time my tongue circles his head i taste a trickle of come leak from his penis and feel him tense up as i put more energy into it and run my lips down over him until his penis is in the back of my throat. He rolls me off him and pounces on me pinning my legs down and delving deep into me, his arms round my waist and his head buried in my shoulder.I hold him close by wrapping my legs round him and we enjoy some noisy energetic sex for a few minutes. He gasps as he sexes me asking over and over how come my pussy is so tight and i grip his muscular body desperately as i struggle not to cry out as he powerfully drives into me? As i near orgasm he changes his stroke, taking smaller shallow, featherlight strokes that make me moan with delight.He does this everytime i get close, whist kissing me full on the lips. Soon neither of us can take any more and he pulls me to him as he thrusts hard and deep into me so fast its more like hes vibrating than actually moving. Just before i feel my vagina break out into contractions he comes and although i'm desperate for him to continue i know i have to wait.
For round two i kneel across the bed and he takes me from behind, again alternating deep strokes that make me scream with lighter ones that make me want to melt. It doesnt take long before i come, this time at the same time as him. We are both exhausted afterwards and he is practically asleep but he walks me to the door and i drive home, satisfied and tired as hell.

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8/15/2006 9:34 am

Another delightful story, very detailed

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