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5/17/2006 8:08 am

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i feel really awful today, have this horrible cold and everything aches!! so here for a winge, do i ever do anything else??lol
had a really good day yesterday, went to exeter and spent some money on some new albums and had a relaxed day with someone who i can finally get on with, without the crap hanging about.
i think yesterday and the few days before have been the turning point for us as people!!
i know in my own mind now what i want, and it isnt to go round and round in circles, doing the same thing all the time, its time for a different direction to be followed, and think i am ready for that now.
times have changed and as people i think we have changed to, my out look is not so blinkered any more, i can see things for what they are, and i know that we will only ever be friends who at times may sleep together or may not, who knows??
but i think that now the crap is over we can both be grown up and move on in our own ways.
after all the shit we can still talk and be relaxed with each other, and i think that means we have alot of inner strength to bury the past, and i guess it means we have a deeper connection than just sex. i know that i can see past the sex and just be me and get to know someone on an equal level.
not many can still be civil to one another after all the shit we have been through, and belive me it has been hard at times to clear it out of our heads and move on. but i think somehow that we have gone past the shit and are finally in the clearing. a place of calm and hopfully we can stay at that place and be close friends, until its time to move on again and lead our lives apart where ever that may be.

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5/17/2006 3:55 pm

Reading what you have gone through it finally seems to me that you can put all those things behind you and maybe move on with your life, forget all the bad things and remember the good. I've recently ended a 10yr relationship and for the past 12months thought it wasn't going anywhere, but you hope maybe it will. In the end you just know you want different things out of life and have to go your own ways. It's hard to start with but you know in the end you'll finally be happy. Nobody knows when it will happen but for sure it does eventually. Hope you find what your looking for.
Take care

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