On being invisible  

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5/13/2006 6:38 pm

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On being invisible

People throw trash
all over the countryside.
What do they think…
the cows eat trash?

It is like we have a whole society
that grew up
not having to put their toys away,
not having to put their clothes in the hamper,
expecting someone else to wash their clothes,
someone else to prepare their meals,
someone else to clean their toilets,
someone else to replace the burnt out light bulbs,
someone else to wash their dishes…

And there’s a whole ‘nother group of people
who quietly go about their lives…
picking things up,
cleaning up other people’s messes.

There’s a lot of people who do shit work.
Sewer workers for example.
You flush your toilet
and don’t care
that there’s a whole bunch of people
keeping sewer lines clean.

And there’s a lot of people
doing service work…
waiters and waitresses,
store clerks at counters,
taking crap from surly people
for minimum wage and tips.

There are a lot people we see
stocking shelves,
driving trucks,
working construction,
fixing pipes,
loading and unloading stuff.
We expect our store shelves
to always be stocked.

Invisible people to most others.

Keeping things working
so you don’t have
to think about much.
You turn on your water tap
and assume the water
just magically appears.

You turn on your lights
and don’t realize
there are hundreds of people
climbing up and down poles
to keep your computer running.

One day I learned how
to be invisible.

Become one of the faceless millions
of worker bees doing routine stuff
that everyone takes for granted.
Just keep your eyes to the ground
and never look at anyone passing by
straight in the eye.

Wash your dishes.
Mop your floors.
Empty out your trash cans.
Water your plants.

Take your orders.
Cook your meals.
Bring your food to the table.
Clean off your tables.

And never be seen.

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