My birthday wish  

puntachueca 107M
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6/27/2006 2:16 am

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6/27/2006 9:18 pm

My birthday wish

My birthday wish
<What's your birthday wish?

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

6/27/2006 3:48 am

Happy Birthday...And if it was mine I wish for the war to be over and everyone home safe and sound...Ready


puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 7:24 am:
Agreed. This is deja vu all over again for those of us that opposed the Viet Nam war...same arrogance...sending our guys off to die for no damned good reason except the ego of the idiots in the White House.

MysteryDreamer 58F

6/27/2006 4:29 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! Now if I told you my wish, it wouldnt come true.........ssssssssshhhhhhhhhh >>>>>>not telling

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 7:25 am:
Tell me. Tell me. I'm sort of a grown up tooth fairy.

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 7:25 am:
Tell me. Tell me. I'm sort of a grown up tooth fairy.

rm_kalanchoe88 56F

6/27/2006 8:23 am

You're alive! Enjoy it with all you've got. (Stop thinking for a day!)

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 5:55 pm:
That's good advice...I've been told I think too much.

demonicsexkitten 42F
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6/27/2006 8:53 am

tried sending you a demonic kitten for your bday. Got her stuffed in the box, and out in the mail... and started missing her. So no cat for you. And i'm too poor to send myself.

Best wishes And hope you get what you want.

Um... or not? "Old gypsy curse... May you get what you want".

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 5:56 pm:
That's why I'll probably end up with a cat.

PrincessKarma 45F
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6/27/2006 9:40 am

Happy Birthday! *HUG*

The Big Bang was the mother of all orgasms.PrincessKarma

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 5:57 pm:

angelofmercy5 60F
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6/27/2006 9:59 am

Be careful what you wish may come true! Have you bought the kitty litter and pan yet???? Is your birthday today...or the 1st????

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 5:59 pm:
It's Saturday...but I figured I throw out the wish and see what happened.
Actually have all the cat stuff. The local animal rescue place tried a siamese on me back in February but we didn't get along.
I plan to move into my new place end of July...which is much cat friendlier. Never actually "got" either a dog or a cat...they just show up and adopt me.

catkit13 67F

6/27/2006 4:23 pm

when IS the birthday, exactly? and surely the cowboys will help you celebrate (maybe they'll buy you breakfast?) and you always have an invitation to have lunch on me . . . um, that didn't exactly come out the way i meant it, but you know what i mean, right?

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 6:02 pm:
Saturday. Plan a kind of a work party (local tradition)...I supply the beer and the carne asada and folks show up and help with the work (mosty the food and beer).

I'm not sure when my trip to Tucson is yet...trying to get as much done before the monsoons really slam the to come up there and get some windows.

amoldenough 71F
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6/27/2006 6:58 pm

Happy Birthday. I am facing that same milestone birthday later this year. It just makes me realize how little time I may actually have left on this earth. Probably a little morbid.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 9:20 pm:
All the more reason to not put things off any more.

Been thinking about age 10 years gonna be 70....and would rather be around someone of equal age than having the difference become an issue.

Hydragenias 57F

6/27/2006 7:18 pm

Happy Belated Birthday To You, Happy Belated Birthday To You, Happy Belated Birthday To You, ....... Happy Belated Birthday To You!

Sorry I missed the ACTUAL day

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 9:22 pm:
Hey...I was making my birthday wish early in case someone got the idea of wrapping themselves up and surprising me....chalk this up to bad cowboy advice #5.

Hydragenias 57F

6/27/2006 7:20 pm

Oh WAIT! it's STILL the 27th!!! I'm not late afterall!! YIPPEEEE!


Happy UNbelated Birthday to You! lol

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 9:22 pm:
Wasn't it Alice in Wonderland that created the unbirthday?

The folks around here manage to come up with something to celebrate darned near every day. Not a bad way to live.

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