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6/12/2006 11:06 pm

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Tuesday it is supposed to 108, Wednesday 109 or 110. We’re all going crazy with this heat. The asphalt on the streets is starting to melt. The countryside is burning with wildfires. Smoke hangs over us. We desperately need rain. We all need to flee this inferno and get to a beach.I’ve always wondered, where do we go when we die? This is already Hell. Do we get sent to some place dark and cold? Do we spend eternity in Canada?

Does the weather where you are drive you nuts? Do you have some place you go to get away during your summer?

rm_FreeLove999 47F
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6/13/2006 12:05 am

actually, the third time i met god, i was playing with this piece of jewellery i have, which is a pentagram in a circle, surrounded by a temple shape, and i was looking thru all the hollows. it looked like i was shifting views, and suddenly the dimensions shifted and i found myself standing above the spiral of the universe with god -- on this occassion a white lady.

she said: "don't worry, i've come to show you are going when you are finished here."

and then i found myself in a place where a big party was happening; i saw the god there that i had met on the 2nd occasion -- a kind of bacchus figure -- and lots of people, animals and aliens, all participating in this wonderful party.

then the white lady said: "don't worry. you are on the right road. you had completed all your lifetimes and didn't have to go back again, but you chose to go for a particular purpose."

you think i would have faith in god after all these experiences i have had (i left one on humboldthonni's blog yesterday) ... but actually i question my sanity ...

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puntachueca replies on 6/13/2006 6:56 am:
I don't question yor sanity. I've been in the presence of angels, and seen for real mircales.

digdug41 50M

6/13/2006 8:09 am

It hasn't gotten hot here in NYC as of yet but when it does I will be inside I dont need a tan I got thatall year roun thing hap'n

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puntachueca replies on 6/13/2006 6:55 pm:
I was in New York for a couple of weeks one summer. My daughter was living in Brooklyn. It can get really hot and humid there...everyone sitting out on the steps...being neighbors. Here we all hide in our houses with air conditioning.

demonicsexkitten 42F
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6/13/2006 12:37 pm

We recognize all 4 seasons here in the Inland NorthWest. Almost winter, winter, still winter, and summer.

I guess we're in still winter season now we've been having thunder and lightning storms and rain and hail the past few days.

puntachueca replies on 6/13/2006 6:59 pm:
Never been to the Inland NW. been to Seattle...was, cloudy....loved it. The locals were all going nuts for the lack of sun.

rm_kalanchoe88 55F

6/13/2006 5:09 pm

I left the Phoenix area for that very reason. Now I live in south-central Oregon. That was hell. This is heaven.

puntachueca replies on 6/13/2006 7:01 pm:
I agree Phoenix is Hell...also because I live near Tucson. Old rivalries.What's really scary about the place now is the low is hanging in between 90 and 100 in the summer. The low!!!! heat island effect.

amoldenough 71F
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6/27/2006 7:57 pm

Need some rain? I live in Michigan. Tonight we had 2 thunderstorms, Last night we had one and last week we had 4 in one day. All of these were accompanied by buckets of rain. I will admit, that is not our usual pattern. The only thing that I find hard to handle is the humidity. But when you are surrounded by water, I guess it's to be expected.

"Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

puntachueca replies on 6/27/2006 9:06 pm:
We had a heavy rain yesterday...1st one since last summer.

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