My first real fuck  

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9/7/2005 8:57 am

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My first real fuck

Her body shivered in anticipation as he entered the room... He ignored her for the moment and headed straight for the bathroom. Leaving the door wide open so she could see, he unzipped his pants, took the formidable looking thing out and began to pee.

The sound of his piss hitting and mixing with the water in the toilet bowl filled the small bathroom... she could smell the slightly musky odour wafting out of his pants from where she lay on the bed; strangely enough she did not smell his pee: maybe the result of him drinking so much water and staying off sugar and salt.

"What a dick!" she thought, and then immediately thought better of it. "Thats not a dick, its a cock!" It was long; at least 5 inches long and it was not hard (she knew it would grow another 4 or so inches when aroused) and not all that thick, just thick enough….. He was circumcised so the bulbous head was exposed and looked delicious. Knowing she was watching, he finished and then did something quite strange; he did not shake but held the shaft and did a milking kind of maneuver that squeezed a few more drops of pee out. She had always thought that men shook after urinating but his method made good sense: There was no danger of drops of urine ending up anywhere but in the bowl.

He continued to ignore her and carefully washed his hands. He didn’t dry them, but flicked the water off them onto the towel hanging on the rack. He slowly turned around and finally looked at her. She started shivering again, and immediately felt a gush of wetness between her legs. She desperately wanted to touch herself but somehow instinctively knew that while he would not mind her doing that, he did not want her to do it just then.

“Close your eyes.” He said. She almost jumped at the sound of his voice. And what a voice it was; it was soothing and warm but was the kind of voice that rung with authority. The wetness between her legs seemed to increase. In fact, there was a little bit of fluid now beginning to slip down the inner portion of her thighs. She closed her eyes.


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