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It was by chance these two had met. A strange encounter that could never be described. She was a single mother and he was your typical teenage boy. During their first encounter both had decided to themselves that they wanted the other. This would go on for the next three years, between other pointless relationships, non-fulfilling sex, and two and a half years void of contact between the two. It was determined by fate that something was to happen. Upon a second chance encounter, deserving of a movie, the two crossed paths again. From the moment they had run into each other it was obvious the two were in love. Unbeknown to the two, powers were at work that could not be denied.

This time feelings could not be contained. Try as he might he could not forget her. After many sleepless nights of continuous thought and deliberation (not to mention the dreams of what he wanted to do with and to her) on how to act upon his feelings for this girl he decided then to pursue her. After all the nights he spent thinking of ways that he wanted to please her, he didnt know if he could contain his self any longer. Thinking of the first time he would kiss her soft lips, tasting her lips and feeling them press against his. Pondering on all the thoughts of seeing her naked body laying in front of him as he lay down upon her to kiss her, moving his mouth over her entire body. He yearned for the chance to taste her skin, and smell her sweet angelic smell once again. The feeling of her body pressed against his was a thought that often crossed his mind, and how it would feel to finally put his thick, hard cock deep inside of her and feel her warm, wet, tight pussy wrap around his thick cock as he thrust into her. Then the thoughts of her moaning softly as he penetrated her finally. At times the thoughts he had were so intense that he would find himself aroused and have to go masturbate while he thought of her.

From the time she saw him the first time she had wanted him. There was something in his eyes when she looked at him that made him seem unattainable, making her want him even more. She would have dreams of seduction and the boy coming and rescuing her from her boring and hopeless life. She yearned to know how his lips would feel upon hers as she kissed him. How his arms would feel around her as she fell into them as she so often wanted to do. She would constantly dream about how his hands would feel on her body and would think of him while having sex with another in hopes that it would help her to climax, but always failed. She had many nights of self pleasuring fulfillment while she thought about the boy. Imagining his hands roaming her body and his lips kissing hers as she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in close. During the two years that they didnt have contact, she got to the point of suicide. She would cry herself to sleep every night as she lay in her bed cold and alone. She had lost all hope on life itself. On the day of their second encounter, some kind of hope was relit in her and she didnt cry herself to sleep that night.

During the next few weeks, the two kept in contact daily. She would call him when she was driving home from work to stay awake, and continue to talk to him through most of the night. All the time they both wanted to tell the other of their feelings, but were to scared of rejection. On Labor day while the girl was at work she called the boy and asked him if he could bring her some lunch so she could eat. He said yes and brought her a meal later on that day. When he bought her lunch, they sat outside during her break to eat and catch p on some old times. She offered to pay the boy back, but he refused and told her it was a gift from him to her. Afterwards when she had returned to work he came inside and followed her around like a lost puppy dog for the remainder of her shift, talking to her and amusing her as she worked. By the end of her shift they had made a date to go out that Saturday.

On that Saturday she meets him at his place. They decided to go to the mall for awhile. After walking around and deciding that there was nothing interesting to do, they stopped to eat and get a movie to take back to his place and watch. .

During the movie they had gotten a little more comfortable laying in each others arms. He leans over and starts to kiss her gently holding her face in one hand, the other slowly caressing her body. With a witchs kiss she was his. He slowly undressed her with god like ease. First taking off her shirt and kissing her supple breasts. Then slowly making his way down her body kissing every inch of her as he went. Hearing her softly moan as he dragged his lips across her skin. Getting her completely undressed and looking at her in amazement. He slowly undresses and lays over her pushing his thick hard cock gently against her pussy letting it know that he was there. As he enters her he hears a slight moan of pleasure escape her lips as she takes him inside of her. He stops and asked her if she was ok, for he was afraid he might hurt her in all his excitement. This was the first time in over two years that she had been penetrated by a man. As he pushed deeper into her he feels how tight, warm, and wet she is trying with every inch of his will not to cum at that exact moment. As he feels her running her hands on his back and starting to move with his motions. Moaning more to every thrust that he pushed into her. To prolong the pleasure he pulls out and starts to lick her pussy slowly. At first he teases her with long slow licks covering every inch of her swollen pussy. Occasionally he would shove his tongue inside of her, tasting her sweet juices that he had dreamed of for so long. Gradually he speeds up to faster and harder licks to her clit. As he is doing this he pays attention to her moans and the way her body moved. Watching her as her back would arch, and how her face would look every time he hit the right spot. After a while he learned exactly where to concentrate his technique. As he gradually built her orgasm he was at the point of being able to control himself once again. Not wanting to stop, the desire to be in her had become to strong, he slowly entered her again. Hearing the moan from penetration that he so often dreamed about he started thrusting deep in her swollen pussy, feeling every inch of her tightening around his thick hard cock. As he started to speed up she orgasmed and he felt her pussy squeeze his thick hard cock so hard he thought he would cum at that moment but held out. He slowed down feeling her juices spread all over his thick hard cock and asked her if she was okay and she told him yes and kissed him asking him not to stop. He continued thrusting in her, kissing her neck and ears to intensify the pleasure for her. He starts to speed up yet again and felt her squeeze around his thick hard cock, close to another orgasm. As she started to cum for the second time he thrust his now swollen cock deep into her, because the feeling was too intense and he could no longer hold back. As he thrust into her she squeezes him again and causes him to cum deep inside of her, filling every inch of her insides with his warm cum. This was the fist time that the girl had ever had an orgasm from a guy. During the moments that followed, the girl realized that her feelings for the boy were more than a crush...she was in love with him.

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Good lawd! What a writer! I 'bout came in my shorts as I read this. How fun it would be to watch you two go at it while I sit quietly and drink in the scene!

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