pufeller 43
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4/16/2006 6:53 am

My house is a freakin mess!

We are doing some remodeling on the second floor, turning a 2 family into a 1 family. Knocking down walls, ceilings. What a mess! Plaster walls create a lot of dust. I am trying not to overdo it with my ankle already bothering me but hate the damn dust!

My clothes are in a room off the kitchen. Not in any order, of course I went from a full room for a closet to one hanging clothes rack (not easy!)

There is dust being tracked through the whole house, plaster and wood littering my yard. (hubby is too cheap to rent a dumpster)

My bedroom will need to be moved soon, we will need to sleep in my son's room (which is doable)

I know I shouldnt bitch, it will all be worth it in the end. But DAMN this is a PIA and we just started yesterday

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