The conclusion has been reached!  

ptilda1123 42F
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11/7/2005 4:13 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The conclusion has been reached!

So, in reference to previous posting, I have decided to make a written commitment to acomplish as many of the following assignments as possible before that dreadful day... [dun...dun...dun]

1. Go for a walk holding hands
2. Go for a walk holding someone else's hand!
3. Pay a bill after I tell the billcollector "fuck you"
4. Go to church
5. Paint my body & take pictures
6. make love to a woman
7. accept illegal campaign contributions (please reffer to previous post)
8. NOT swerve when I come upon an ALREADY dead animal in the direct path of my car
9. Get gang-banged
10. Post a dozen new photos on AdultFriendFinder
11. Be a bitch to as many people as I can & see how many still like me
12. Be nice to as many people as I can & see how many still hate me
13. Clean my boyfriend's house
14. Earn my PhD (probably won't happen, since I would have to complete about 4 years of college in about 3 weeks)
15. Go see my mother
16. Keep my mother from finding my naked pictures on AdultFriendFinder
17. Finish my website
18. START my website
19. pour liquid into the hard-drive out of frustration at not getting my website to do what I want it to do
20. Invent a new language
21. Learn how to speak that language
22. Figure out the logic of the last 2 tasks
23. Have sex with my boyfriend's friend (it doesn't matter which one)
23. Have sex with my friend's boyfriend (here, again, it does not matter which one!)
24. Play with candle wax for a sexual stimulant
25. Slap my pussy (previously discussed in a group discussion on AdultFriendFinder)
26. Pick my nose in public
27. Get lost
28. Find my way back
29. Write a poem
30. file for divorce
31. Fake a pregnancy test
32. Buy a fish to put in my boyfriend's empty (except for the stale water & algae) fishtank
33. Do something nice
34. Ask to be repaid for doing that nice thing

TittyFucker1975 42M

11/8/2005 5:33 pm

Making the list is all ways the first step. Now you need to prioratize. I recomend starting with:


make sure you detail the events here as much as possible

ptilda1123 42F

11/9/2005 6:22 pm

Not a bad place to start, Titty Fucker, but kinda a lot to chew off! lol

ptilda1123 42F

11/25/2005 5:31 pm

Well, I didnt' quite make it, but I've always got 40 to look forward to!

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