One holiday... different faces  

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11/24/2005 3:56 pm

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One holiday... different faces

I had an interesting experience today. Many of you understand the concept of "Turkey Hopping", or going from one house to another, eating until you're sick, and then taking plates with you to eat later when you are kept awake all night from the mysterious pain in your stomach and chest...

So, first stop was family #1. And dinner went such as this, walk in, have a glass of wine and civilized conversation with the family before sitting down (as a family) to an immaculately set dinner table, beautifully spread with heirloom china and crystal. "Dad" says a prayer, and each family member, in turn, staes what they are thankful for, family being the most popular nominee.

The food is delectible, nearly leaing straight from the pages of Better Homes & Gardens. We pass from the right to the left, and everyone fills their plate before digging in. After dinner, the family gets up as one unit, and without any prompting, clears the table. The brothers start the dishes, with the help of the women, while Dad looks after his grandson. Afterward, the ever present televised football game is playing quietly in the background, simply a backdrop to the intimate family conversation taking place in the cozy livingroom.

Then, I leave for destination #2. Here, I walk into a kitchen more chaotic than organized. Food is placed, in the tiny house, wherever it can be stashed. Dad has already taken his food, and is already zonning out in front of the TV. I heap a double-plated styrofoam plate with nearly tasteless potatoes, gravy, and other unidentified items. Once these items are selected, I make my way into the livingroom where the men are eating the food prepared by the women, while staring silently into the TV screen, and doze off one-by-one.

It's the wonderful diversity in how this holiday is celebrated by nearly the entire nation, yet so differently form one family to another, that I appreciate. I wouldn't trade this diversity for the world!

Happy Turkey Day!

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