Lazy Day  

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8/13/2005 11:07 pm

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Lazy Day

Should have fixed my fence today. There's a few posts rotted or broken and the winds lately have it leaning prety good. Probably get busy tomorrow as the weather supposed to get hotter by next weekend and it's a bitch digging post holes when it's hot. So instead, I slept til 8 for a change, made coffee, wife and I each had showers. By the time I got out of the house it was noon and time for lunch! I need that kind of schedule now and then. It 's like being wealthy w/o the money troubles! Did a little shopping, a little yard work and now we're up to date.

Time for some blogging. Shes's dozing in her recliner, commanding the room and tv. I figure I've got about 10 minutes before I'm called into action next so time for a quickie!

Joined another local group on Yahoo today... for folks like me with prior comittments that just don't satisfy. You can't appreciate the position unless you've been there. I think I've been a good guy all these years, but the life I'm living now sucks and there's every reason to believe that will continue for years unless one of us calls it quits. It'll never be me. If I can find some distraction, some side activity, I think it could calm me down and round out the rough edges. Im capable of being kind and caring, but wither in the onslaught of demands and insults that come my way..

OOps, downer! Back to the Expire-a-ment! 8 views so far; I think it's been a full week now as a standard member. email contact with another member in georgia. A sexy lady with an intriguing handle and some hot pix. I hope I can talk more with her, even tho there's no chance of a face 2face. Not much response to the blogs so far, but then there's not much content of interest yet either. I'm including a pic when I can, just to show a glimpse of where I'm writing these. Anyone want a more er revealing photo has only to ask.

That's about it for now. Hope to hear from someone who's not dead set against a little adventure with a married man. It's a common position, I know. But you just have to be in my shoes.

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