A week goes by  

pseudonorm 61M
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8/25/2005 4:40 pm

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9/11/2006 12:59 pm

A week goes by

So here it is. Another week has come and gone. No views of blog or profile since then either. Of course there's been ony a single, somewhat depressing post in that time. Still a bit discouraged with myself for not trying harder. The day to day is distraction enuf for now.

I've been thru all the so called matches. Not really matches it seems. Most are eliminated by my prior commitment, and the rest ...other. Not much response on the blog yet either. It is fun to write tho, so I will continue to develop that. Also the snapshots as I compose my thoughts here.

Any idea why I frequently get double posts? I find myself deleting one almost everytime. I suppose I could try "support"?

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