What the hell?  

pseudohippie 51F
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10/15/2005 7:59 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What the hell?

I rarely check my AF F mail.

Today, I open up one of the messages there, and it says, "hey, want to get to know me?" That's it.

So I click on his profile and open it. I'm not sure why; I have a boyfriend now, I'm not interested in doing anything but chatting in the Philly/Tri-State room with people whom I've already become friends (oh...and half-assed blogging). This is clearly stated in my profile and I even have an auto-reply message stating that I'm not interested in anything sexual--just to cover all bases.

Well, obviously, this guy covers all bases too...except he does it in the opposite direction...

His profile is turned off.

His location is, "Middletown, Anywhere."

He does have a picture, but he's skiing and wearing a knitted cap and sunglasses.


So I know nothing about him. He doesn't even tell me why he's writing to me. I'm an (F), for christ's sake.

What the hell was he thinking????

dasher121 37M

10/16/2005 8:18 pm

This site is full of stupid people i guess, and most from my gender unfortunately lol.

MissAnnThrope 57F
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10/17/2005 11:17 pm

Write back to him and ask him if he's willing to rob a bank or knock over a liquor store for you, as he already has the wardrobe.

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