Someone once made me write an erotic story...  

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10/10/2005 11:47 pm

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Someone once made me write an erotic story...

They meet. The electricity and sexual tension is palpable…just like they knew it would be. It’s strangely frightening, yet stimulating. They’re not always sure they really want each other or are appropriately matched, but they know what’s inevitable between them…

They decide to go to the arcade. Nothing like a little friendly competition to stir them up even more. They know they probably shouldn’t add to the energy, but deep down that’s all they want. Ahhh…two people used to being able to control their environment…not exactly out of control now, but stirred to a primal, animalistic state because they’ve each met such a worthy match. Funny how they’ve reacted the same way, yet it’s manifested in entirely different roles. One wishing to dominate the other…the other wishing to be liberated by submitting to a stronger force. How odd that two such evolved people would revert to such a prehistoric concept. The woman needs the strength of this man she’s so in awe of. The man needs to control the woman because he needs so much to claim her…feel worthy of her…take over and prove his superiority in some way. To make her submit to him…

They leave the arcade. What an experience it was! So evenly matched, yet neither could win. The man, winning at the traditionally male games…the ones where he who fights with the most determination wins. The woman, true to form, excels at those games requiring strategy and aim. The two, sometimes feeling extremely angry with one another, are often feeling like this is one of the most thrilling days of their lives.

They ride together in the cab. Neither certain what should happen next, but both wanting the same thing. The man looks at her…both of their pupils dilated almost to black. She smiles. Such a sexy, knowing smile. They can no longer take it…he reaches for her and kisses her hard. His tongue searches for hers and she responds with a soft moan. The ride to her home passes in what seems like mere seconds…

They open her front door. The minute they are inside, they are all over each other. Starving kisses their only sustenance. Arms wrapped around pulling closer. He grabs her hair and roughly pulls it aside. She moans from his kisses on her exposed neck…drunk from it. The intensity is almost more than they can bear. He needs to be inside her. She needs his thick, hard cock making her his with every driven stroke. They hastily shed their clothes, their lips not even apart for a second. They don’t even wait. Still standing, he shoves his cock deep inside her on the first thrust. Low moans escape both their lips as he slides effortlessly into her incredibly aroused sex. He probes her core incessantly. Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me! She screams his name, clutching his body to hers, biting into the soft flesh of his shoulder. Up, up, up to a higher plane until they erupt into shards of white light together. They collapse into each other’s arms, spent.

They walk up the stairs to her bedroom. He sits on her bed, never taking his eyes from her face, pulling her on top of his lap with the hand that holds her hand.

They speak.

You’ve been a very bad girl, do you realize that?

You like it, she responds.

You’re going to get a spanking on your bare ass and we’re both going to like that.

She almost passes out from anticipation.

I’m going to stretch you over my knee, your tits crushed against one of my legs, and your belly against the other. Those magnificent breasts are mine, you hear?

She responds by leaning over his lap and obeying his wishes.

I’m rubbing your ass now, you slut. Sliding my hand into your crotch from the back. I like watching your ass flex…caressing the muscles under the soft flesh responding to my touch.

I’m soaking wet.

He starts rubbing the cleft at the top of her ass, dipping his finger lower and lower between her cheeks, eyes moving from her ass to the round flesh of her breasts against his leg.

She wiggles in his lap, against his cock.

I can feel your cock getting hard. I like that…need to feel it…

You’re my little slut, aren’t you?

Her silence causes him some alarm. He starts to spank her…first the cheeks, then further down where they meet her pussy.

Oh God…she starts to murmur.

He spanks a little harder.

Tell me you’re my slut.

I’m your slut. I’m your slut.

That’s better.

I want you to finger me…please put your finger in me.

He feels her wetness and a low groan escapes from his throat.

You feel so hot and wet. I’m going to put my finger deep inside your cunt. You want that, don’t you?

Oh yes!

He rubs a finger on one hand against her pussy to wet it and then thrusts the middle finger of his other hand deep inside her pussy. So smooth, so wet and steamy as she opens up to him.

Her hips begin to move involuntarily, wanting more. She raises her ass to him to provide better access.

He presses the wet finger of his other hand against her asshole, fucking her with two fingers in her pussy now.

Your asshole needs this, he says as just the tip of his finger starts to violate her hole. I’m going to make you come and then you’re going to take me inside of you, aren’t you?

Her asshole is so tight…he slowly works his finger into her, finger-fucking her with the other hand. Using both hands to make her go crazy. Panting and heaving, frantic with desire, needing him to please her.

She pushes her ass against his hand…his finger is all the way now…his other fingers at her cunt-hole, stretching it open, rubbing her clit quickly from side to side…

Please fuck me now! I need you to fuck me! I can’t stand it! Please….

I’m going to butt-fuck you, my good bad little slut. You’re too hot for an ordinary fuck; you need me in your ass.

Yes! Shove that cock into my ass! Please fuck me there…take me…

Jesus, yes, oh, yes, spread your cheeks for me.

Together, they lift her from his lap and gently place her, kneeling, forehead on a pillow. Her hands on her ass, spreading herself for this man. This man who she must have dominate her. No other man can do her so well.

He smiles…leans over her body, his cock against the space between her cheeks.

You’re mine now, he says. I’m taking your little, tight, puckered asshole and I’m going to give you the best fuck of your life.

Please don’t hurt me, she pleads.

I won’t hurt you, love, I want you to enjoy this as much as I will…

He slowly, gently starts to open her tiny hole with the head of his cock. Ohhh…it feels so good, so tight.

Easy now, don’t worry, I’ll be sweet to you…

Please…slowly…take my ass…my ass…

He presses in deeper, deeper still, slowly until he’s all the way in.

Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God…fuck me! She says as she screams his name.

I’m fucking your ass, I’m taking it, I’m fucking you…with…each…thrust…fucking you…taking you…the wildest, most intensely sweet fuck, my sweet fuck, I’m so close, baby, so close…

Honey, shoot yourself into me, darling, come on…fill my ass…it’s for you…baby…we’re so bad, so good, together…Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fuck! He starts to come…groaning together…his hands on her shoulders…oooohhhhhh…

He collapses against her…they fall flat to the bed together…their bodies, sweaty with the juices of their sweet, passionate sex. He kisses her ear, her neck, lovely little kisses, all over her shoulders. She laughs at the amazement of it all…

You take my breath away, he says. You’re amazing.

She turns her head towards him smiling and they kiss…shifting their bodies until he’s on top of her. Her legs wrapped around him…her arms pulling him in closer…

Baby…he whispers…

Lover…let’s sleep now.

They fall asleep. Off to slumber, sweetly anticipating the morning and what other wonderful treats will come with it…

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10/12/2005 6:06 pm


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10/13/2005 1:25 pm

mmmmmm, sounds like a great 1st, 2nd and 3rd date!

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10/13/2005 7:11 pm

Ummm... I'm gonna go mow my lawn...


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10/16/2005 11:17 pm

Wow...thanks! Now I have even more inspiration to find another woman who is into anal sex!

CountryCityMan 48M

11/30/2005 11:54 am

Oh that is a nice story. Damn close to a perfect encounter, build-up and release. I like the way you think about sex.

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12/29/2005 10:21 pm

Wow that was excellent,thank you great piece of writing!

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8/16/2007 9:01 am

Im sorry after you said they were at the arcade the sex scenes played out in my head to the Mario Borthers tune.

pseudohippie 51F

8/25/2007 12:55 pm you wouldn't have sex to Mario Brothers' theme song if you had to...

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