So what's in it for me?  

rm_ps54 56M
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6/20/2006 8:05 pm
So what's in it for me?

Kindness, Trust, Compassion...
(without these three it's all a big ruse...
so I let this one sputtering loose...)

I know not how to say it so I won't.
Thoughts to mind and words to lips moving that don't;
A river is passing,
And Earth is off-gassing,
And some will survive and some won't.

So happy, we here;
We think of those near
and those that are farther on by
We miss them that ain't
and some pray for a saint
and look hopefully up to the sky

It's a crapshoot in a dark hall of light
that comes in as quick and as still as the night
We're here and then gone,
and over and done,
no matter our will or our might.

A mirror reflects all the light
'cept that which is truly the night.
We see deep inside,
and that which is spied
is from where we run or we fight.

It matters not who wins or who loses.
Keeping score only serves to confuse us.
But the tracks left behind
In our deeds and mind
Are the seeds that those following us uses.

So in what direction do we go?
Do we fight or "go with the flow"?
If we care wherest our kinder
Will learn love and linger
Then we already really do know.

Choose we to a life with a fashion
of other than that which we "cash in"?
The fruits we receive
Set the seeds we can leave...
Trust, Kindness, and a bit of Compassion.

Good livin' & Good lovin'!


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