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rm_ps54 56M
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6/16/2006 1:25 pm
As for the main profile picture

As a healthy adult, I do not believe there is anything offensive about the nude form of the human body, just offensive attitudes about that form. As such, I chose a tasteful, nude photo not so much to "troll" as to be genuine -- "naked to the world".

It's funny, too, that I, just like many others, don't stop at the skin, either, there's stuff inside, too.

It seems that certain other males are the only ones excited by dic' pic's; most women find them less than interesting. And since I'm not one for erotic male experiences, they don't seem to suit me, either.

Nonetheless, today's postings have an appropriate phallic symbol for the picture. Carved out of Hawaii'an rosewood, by a master local woodcarver, it's sheer size and texture makes even the most stalwart braggerts seem shriveled in comparison. And you'd see nothing like this among the American-gone-native body modification genre, even though some have *really* tried...

In any case, the human form can be a miracle.

However by focusing our efforts on one part [fetishism], we lose sight and neglect the health of all the other good stuff, too, the mind, where it all comes together. Well, some days...

Good lovin' & Good livin'!


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