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7/23/2006 5:11 am

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the first to blag

Well this is a nice imaginary friend to talk to....yes i am suffering from insanity, oh joy. For all of you who dont understand what the word pryoprism means, it is a medical condition that is used to describe the swelling of the penis to a rock hard state and keeping it there indefinately. This is due to a blockage in the penis, not allowing it to release the blood from it back into the body. And i feel like i am suffering from it at present, wich is a real pain in the goin.
Oh if your not much of a reader, stop here, go find somone to do it for you and to pick out the interesting bits and explain them to you. The whole process should take about 10 seconds, oh and have a bucket handy.
Let see if you can sit through one of my stories.
Their were these two young trees in a bluff of a rainforrest. One boy, one girl. They grew in peace and drank the warmth of a blossoming young love. Enjoying life to the full and thinking that nothing would change them, expressing their deepest passions and desires with no hinderance or fear. Would this last?
One day a dreadfull rage came across their peacefull embrace. It came in the form of man, destructive and merciless, tearing away at the very core of beauty. They were torn away from each other, uprooted. She of serpassing beauty and strength was taken by the greed. He being strong and tall was striped of all his might. His shell was taken to be milled, but his soul lingered in the shadows of destruction forming a body of what was left by the devastation.
A shadow of his former self, he set off in search of all he cared about, her. For days he tracked her in the wake of man and ended up in a incredible concrete jungle that man called a city. Many unusual things he found here. Things that he could see were from nature, but do to the pervertion of man they to had become shells twisted to fit mans demise. The clouds cried for the grief of all and rained their sorrow on all.
Then came the night, dark and lonely. Not like the warmth of the starlite valley he grew up in. But in the distance he could see a lite and headed for it. His heart was not prepared for what he would next see.
In a clearing she stood tall and elluminated, but stripped naked to her soul. Man in his wisdom ( and i use that word lightly) had turned her into a lamp post. What had shocked him most was what was standing in her light and in the shadows. He had noticed them before but thought that they were dead and life less, but now they stood before her. Endless rows of them eager to alure her with their vain, selfish empty promises of love. They were the street signs of the city. When it came to their turn, they stood under her lite and offered up the sacrifice of their empty heart. She was crying......
He went to her and planted himself beside her. With her tears she watered him and they grew. Intertwining with so much passion and love that they became one, forming a tree that showed to man that love is somthing that cant be made or bought, It happens no matter what obsticles are put in the way.....


7/23/2006 6:18 am

That was so touching.

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7/23/2006 1:09 pm

Welcome to the blogs! That was beautiful. I hope you'll stop by mine and say hello some time!

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