Strip Club #1  

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1/2/2006 10:24 pm

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Strip Club #1

I went to a strip club once. It was awsome. Had the time of my life. I went with a bunch of military guys (as I was married to one at the time). He always like to dare me to do things. Well this particular night was rather interesting, as I have never been even close to another girl (with clothes off etc). There I sat as he gave me a dollar and stated "I dare you to go up there". Well I took the dare and went up to the floor. This girl comes out, her name was Dusty. She made me feel so comfortable being there. The whole time she was kissing me, licking me and pushing her naked breasts into my face and on my neck, she was talking to me. Talking to me like a girlfriend. Asking me all sorts of questions and such. The turn on however was the fact that every guy in this joint had a hard on and they were all staring at me and Dusty. It was one of the most erotic experiences of my life. I'm such an attention hog, that this was a completely awsome feeling. I don't remember how long I was up there, but I heard men in the back cheering me on etc. Then an older fella tried to break in on my action. I said "sorry dude, this is my dollar". Afterwards I went back to the table and everyone there was amazed as what I had just accomplished. So my ex decided to get me a lap dance. This was fun, but very strange. Dusty took us up to this part of the bar that had a couch lined up against the walls. I sat down and then my ex sat next to me. The music started to play and next thing I knew, she was dancing for me. She had her ass all in my face and her tits all in my face as well. The whole time I'm thinking to myself, "hmmm I wonder what it would be like to lick her titty". But I didn't. Apparently men are not allowed to touch the girls at this particular establishment, however I was allowed all I wanted. I have never done this before and Dusty asked me if I had. I explained that this was my first time at a strip club. She then grabs my hand and next thing I know, my hand is touching her all over. I thought to myself "thank goodness for g-strings". As I am not bi-sexual one bit. However I found this experience to be completely arrounsing. Was it the guys watching or was it me being curious? As she was dancing she gave me some advice. She said to me "don't ever play with your fantasies, they can mess up your life". I'm not sure exactly what she meant by that, but I took it anyway. After the lap dance, men were giving my ex money to get me another lap dance. It was the best fun I had had in a long time. That night rumors spread like wild fire on the ship as that I brought 3 women to our hotel room and that was it. Funny, that never happened, but I let people believe what they wanted to believe. To this day, I would do it again. It was fun and an eye opener.

KDR305 47M/47F

1/20/2006 3:53 pm

I came to check out your blog because it seems like we answer a lot of the same questions on the advice pages.

Obviously the wife wrote this blog entry, do you both contribute or is it mostly one-sided?

My wife loves to go to strip clubs with me. We don't do it all that often, but we always have a good time.

I see an interesting connundrum in your relationship. I hope you won't mind me expounding on it a bit. It's surely not a negative thing, just an observation.

In a response to someone's advice question, you mentioned that during a MFM threesome, your husband discovered his bisexuality but was thwarted from testing it because the other guy wasn't interested.

You also admit to wondering what it would've been like to lick the strippers titty, even though you didn't follow through.

I have no doubt that a lot of the turn on for you at that club was the fact that so many men were watching and getting hot watching you with her.

Yet I submit this: No hard-core straight woman gets a lap-dance at a strip club no matter how much she loves her husband. No hard-core straight woman actively wonders what it would be like to lick another womans breast.

Why? Because hard-core straight people find NOTHING about there own sex to be sexually appealing. It's my belief that truly "straight" people are the true minorities. It's just that all around us are people talking about the evils of the flesh and how sex for pleasure is this horrible thing.

I'm sorry, but nothing can change the fact that we are visceral, tactile beings. There is no other object on the planet that compares to the swell of a womans breast, or the curve of her bottom. There is nothing else in the world that feels like a hard, throbbing cock.

If we could all just relax and go with the flow, we'd all be much happier and everyone would be having a lot more sex.

I'll use myself as an example of what I mean. I was 17 years old, hanging out at a friends house after a party. Just the 2 of us. He put in a porn flick and we sat there drinking our beers and watching what we weren't getting that night.

During a blowjob scene, I ventured to say: "You know, that doesn't look SO bad to me."

He just nodded. I continued; "I mean... it sure looks like she's enjoying it."

"Yeah," he said. "What's the big deal?"

"Wanna try it?" I asked.

"Sure... why not? It's just a mouth, right?"

So we messed around a little bit. For about 10 minutes I guess. Neither of us came and it wasn't this mind-boggling experience.

Just the same.... it showed me that I'm not above getting turned on by a nice hard dick. Unfortunately, the opportunity has never presented itself since. I'm now 35 and believe that along with adding women to our lives, sharing men could be fun too.

Only thing is, my wife considers her bisexual tendencies to be her business and claims to be disgusted by the idea of 2 men together. I happen to think she's disgusted by 2 men kissing (which I'm not into) but would be turned on watching two men give each other head.

Yet it's the one thing I'm very careful about mentioning. I'll say a guy in a movie has a perfect dick, but I won't say I want it in any way.

Even me.... societal pressures are so heavy.

You have a man who's obviously free to experience everything life has to offer. I suggest you embrace that outlook. You guys could be in for quite a lot of fun if you do.

Then again; if you're truly, absolutley AGAINST the idea of being with another woman... you're still lucky. You have a guy who will help you fulfill your other fantasies.

Because you're willing to admit them to him, which is huge. I know my wife would LOVE to be with 2 guys. I've encouraged her in this, yet she can't bring herself to admit it out loud.

We are funny creatures.

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