interesing conversation  

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6/5/2005 8:56 pm

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interesing conversation

Had some things said to Me by someone that I really liked and wanted to get to know. Not sure how to take it. On one hand it made Me feel real good. On the other hand it made Me realize that I have been piegon holed and that it will not go much further, no matter how much I try.

You guys know what I am talking about: the woman who clearly needs you to want her MIND and BODY. Oh how often we hear...start with My mind and the rest will follow. And when you do, they seem to forget that and focus on someone else who focuses on their body and all the sweet talking, smooth words. Then you are needed when the jerk treats them wrong, so that you can smooth over the pain and so them that they are someone special and deserving.

Not sure, but it feels like people are more into the chase and can not handle someone actually focusing.

Going back to what was said to Me earlier, it made Me feel sad, but yet I am happy for her. At least she is getting out and is trying to heal. I just have to accept that as a friend , I am there....nothing more. I will always be her freind, but clearly I can not call and talk like I would like to. I can not ask her out any more. Even Us guys fear constant rejection and being turned down, only to hear that someone else was able to get time with them. it is very anoying, or upsetting, but hey I can deal with it....I am a guy.

Well it is Sunday night and I am here, settling in for another night or cleaning house, doing dishes and preparing for another day. It is a good think us guys are not emotional....LOL Naa I am just a Rock. A warm rock that is there to protect and heal.


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