What is a freind  

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1/28/2006 12:22 pm

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What is a freind

A freind is the family you pick. A freind is someone who you can talk to, lean on, cry to, get angry with, forgive and stay by each others side. A freind is someone who does not come to you only when you are in a good mood, but comes to you when you are at your worst and stands there with you.

Since I have come to Vegas that is what I am seeking someone to stnd by and have stand by me. What I have seen is those that only seek out their needs. There are a few who have that fire and passion of a good freind, but they are in their own world right now. No one here is perfect. We all have needs and desires that we all wish to meet at some point of our lives.

Of all the people there is two that I met on here that I wish could have been a bit more open and honest with Me. Someone who could have been more than a freind. One I truthly... I fell for her hard and I could have been a very happy man if things went further. I was so glad that she moved to Vegas and was willing to stand by her side even as a freind, but instead of telling Me the truth, I had to stumble on things. I hate lies, half truths, even if it is to keep from hurting Me. She was not a supermodel, but she was one in My eyes. She was all that I needed. But that was not meant to be. She had to go out and have her fun. Even if that meant that she had to do it without Me.

The other was in and out of My life so fast that it made My head spin, but she was someone that I could have enjoy a nice cup of Starbucks with....*S* But she had her own goals and desires.

Well I guess as I adjust to Vegas I learn so much about the people here and I learn more about Myself. I am doing more for Myself. I am living My life and making plans for Myself. I am still reaching out to make freinds with those that want to be freinds, but I will no longer drop what I am doing for them. They have to earn that freindship and that will take time.

I wonder if anyone else here understand what a friend is and why it is important. I wonder if anyone else knows what it is like to be in a strange city of 2 million and still feel very alone and what they are doing about it. I know what I am doing will help change that. It already is.

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