Interesting weekend  

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6/5/2005 8:35 am

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Interesting weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend. It was okay for Me, nothing great to write about. Trying to get to know people and finding that people are not really ready for a guy who is serious about getting to know them.

I have an email box full of one or two email replies. Then it dies if they are just only interested in the sexual side and can not understand or see any other side.

I spent it doing something that I wanted to do, with a new friend, but in the end wishing I was alone. It sucks when people are too shy and insecure to talk and you have to drag the thoughts and words out of them I love goood conversation, but it really has to be a two way street.

It is nice to read others blogs and to know that they are enjoying life and getting to do what they want to do. It is really very good. It will happen to Me. I will just give it time.

The problem that I see on here is that here is so much to chose from that if you are not "excatly" what someone wants at that instance, they move on. No one is really intersted in anything where you have to "work at" or "spend time" getting to know each other slowly and over time. Speed dating is the norm, everything is fast, fast, fast.

Add on that there are a few ladies on here who have My interests and at least one who has My heart (but I do not think she really knows it.....YOu know that BLONDE moment). All seem to be more interested in just doing what they want. Having their own fun. The phone does not ring and I have to track them down if I wanted to talk ( which is s aure sign that they are not interested), leave a few dozen msgs over a couple of months, and you finally have to shake your head.

Then I get those that are not right for Me and instead of just parting as freinds or at least being civil, I have to get nasty email or text msgs. I am surpised at the nastiness of some ladies, I can not tell you how many nasty, evil msgs I get for being interested in only white, hispanic or asian females. Or how they have to drop down to using profanilty or the "N-word" when talking to Me as if that is a way to get Me to respond to them and drop to their level. I just shake My head and move on. They are not worth the time. Sadly, I will reach My limit and I will deal with matters as needed through correct and adult channels, but for now I have to just smile. These were women who I was interested in, things did not click, I have moved on and they can not.

I am thankful for those few who have helped Me get on My feet and adjuested here. They are wonderful people, even if we are not made for each other. Some I who money, some I owe My freindhsip to. It is nice to have them in my life, no matter, where life takes Me. They will always have a special part in My heart.

Well enough rambling for now. I have to get to work on My documentation for work.....oh was a nice weekend for a bit.


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