Tool of pleasure or correction  

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3/5/2006 7:30 am

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Tool of pleasure or correction

It was a usual day.

We both came in from work and ate dinner. I had stopped by the deli.

After dinner you said you needed to do some shopping, and would be back in a couple of hours.

At the mall you ran into a friend, sat and talked for what seemed like a few minutes, but when you looked at your watch it had been an hour.

You told your friend you really had to finish shopping, and headed over to Macys.

You got caught up looking at dresses. When you checked your watch again another hour, so you decided to come back another day, and headed home.

You walked back in the house in a rush, kowing you were an hour late, had not called, and I would be worried.

I was worried for your safety, but also angry at your lack of consideration.

You came into the living room where I was watching a movie. My cell phone sat on the end table waiting to hear from you.

You sat down beside me on the sofa with that sad puppy dog look, apologized for coming in late and not calling.

You then said “Honey, I'm sorry for being late and not calling. I need to be punished, so I’ll remember to be more considerate.”

I thought about it for a few seconds, then said “OK, you know the options. A bare-ass spanking or a hard ass fuck.”

You thought about it for a bit, then said “I want you to correct me with your cock.”

I then said “OK, you know what to do.”

You said “Yes sir” then stood up, walked in the kitchen, and brought back a bottle of oil.

You set the bottle of oil on the end table, stood in front of me, stepped out of your shoes, unbuttoned your blouse and took it off, unzipped your pants, pushed them down your legs, stepped out of them, pulled your panty hose down your legs and stepped out of them, reached around behind, undid your bra and slid it down your arms laying it aside, then slid your panties down your legs, stepped out of them, and stood in front of me nude.

I stood up. You undid my belt, unzipped my pants, pulled them down my legs and I stepped out of them.

You pulled my shorts down and I stepped out of them.

You picked up the oil bottle, poured some into your palm, rubbed it around, then reached for my cock and massaged it with oil until I was hard.

You knelt down facing the sofa, spread your knees a little, rubbed the remaining oil on your asshole, then bowed forward resting your breasts and face on the sofa, arched your back to thrust your ass upward, and reached back and pulled your ass cheeks apart.

You than said “I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished. Please ram your big cock in my ass. Make it hurt.”

I straddled your ass, leaned forward placing my hands on the sofa for support, stooped low enough to place the head of my cock on your asshole, and pushed it in hard.

You gave out a little yelp, so I pulled my cock out, placed it again on your asshole, and pushed it in hard again.

You started to yelp again, but clenched your teeth and held it back.

In the distraction of pain you let go of your ass cheeks. I then said “keep those ass cheeks spread” and you reached back and pulled them apart again.

I pumped your ass hard. Tears welled up in your eyes, but you held steady under my thrusting and continued to hold your ass cheeks apart. This was meant to be punishment.

After a couple of minutes thrusting I let out a grunt and shot my load into you.

I then pulled my cock out of your ass, and collapsed onto the sofa.

You stood up, walked to the kitchen, broght back a warm wet wrag, and wiped my cock clean.

You then wiped away the tears and sat down in my lap.

I said “What is our motto.”

You said “Your cock is a tool of pleasure for me when I’m good, and a tool of correction for me when I’m bad.”

I pulled you to me, kissing you long and lovingly, then said “You’ll be a good girl next time, won’t you.”

You said “Yes sir, I know you love me and worry about me when I’m out at night alone. I’ll remember to call next time, or be back when I say I will.”

We walked off to the bedroom arm in arm, showered together, and went to bed.

I pulled you close, started carressing your body all over and gave you a long deep kiss.

You reached for my cock and massaged it until I was hard again.

I reached down to feel your vagina, found it already wet, so I perched up on my knees between your legs, lifted and spread your legs back over you, slowly slid my cock into your warm juicy pussy, and started pumping slowly in and out of you.

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