the ride  

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5/18/2006 6:23 am

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the ride

All day on the road, we covered nearly a thousand miles. I see a sign for a motel ahead and over the rumble of the motor I beg you to pull in. I am so relieved to hear you back off the throttle and I am dreaming of the warm bath already. Then I see it. NO VACANCY! Shit! There isn't another motel in this little shithole town either. You see my face and try to comfort me that we can snuggle up in the tent. You tell me you know I am tired and you try to make me smile.

So off we go again...You find a nice little spot by a river, soft grass, no rocks, gently running water, and you set up the tent. You zip the sleeping bags into one big one, but it is so hot, we won't be getting in it at all. You make a nice fire and wander off looking for wood as I get the burgers and fries out. It was the only place open for food. When you return, you kiss me gently as you sit beside me to eat.

There is nothing better than sitting behind you on the bike, but my ass is so sore. I tell you we should have stopped at the town before and you just laugh and say, "Shoulda, woulda, coulda." That doesn't cheer me up. I am sunburned, windburned and tired and being a big baby, but you are still making the best of it as usual.

After dinner you suggest I might feel better if I got out of my grimy clothes. You untie my boots and take them off. You help me peel my shirt off and you caress and kiss my titties as you do. Then you unbutton my jeans and slide them down to my ankles and help me step out. They could almost walk by themselves they are so sweaty. You were right, though, I do feel better naked. You tell me I look beautiful in the moonlight. I begin to relax a bit and I tell you maybe you should be naked too. By the time I get over to help you, you are already done. I laugh a bit and ask if you are excited. You look down and smile, seeing your cock already rising to the occasion. Then you come take me in your arms and kiss me long and deep. You tell me you love me, but that I am all sweaty and stinky and need a bath.

You sweep me up in your arms and start toward the river. I am squealing and begging you not to throw me in. You are laughing hysterically and so am I. You don't throw me in. You walk into the river with me still in your arms and we begin kissing again as the water starts to cover us.

You guide me over to a spot with a tree branch hanging low over the water. Then I notice the straps. Looks like someone has set this up. You secure one wrist and then the other and I am hanging with my waist and lower in the water. You grab the soap on a rope conveniently placed nearby. You thought of everything, didn't you? You begin to rub my body with the soap and massage it until I am all foamy. Then you lower yourself and place my legs on your shoulders before standing back up. You soap up my pussy and ass and rub all my soreness away, then you dip me back into the water to rinse, but you leave my legs draped over your shoulders. You stand back up and pull my pussy into your face and begin licking me and sucking on my clit and I am cumming hard in your mouth. You take a finger and slide it in my pussy and begin to finger fuck me until I cum again. You bite my nipples and suck my titties hard. You get some more soap on your hands and you slide a soapy finger up my ass as you eat my pussy again.

When you think I have cum enough, you untie the straps from the branch and lead me to the river bank. You tie my hands stretched out and you straddle my chest. "My turn," you say playfully and you begin rubbing tht tip of your cock on my lips. I open my mouth and you slide into my throat and hold it there while I suck and then you begin stroking in and out deeply and slowly. Your cock is so hard and your precum is better than dessert. I suck you like a hungry baby on a bottle and you grab the sides of my head and pull on my hair just a bit. I can feel you getting ready to cum and I hear that moan that I love so much and ready myself to swallow you completely. You thrust deep and let it flow and I gulp you down as though I was starving. I feel you shudder and taste the last of your jism and I think you are going to lay down and rest.

Of course you don't. You jam a finger in my pussy and fuck it hard, pushing on my clit with your thumb. You feel me grow wetter and you start kissing my neck roughly and I gush on your hand. You move down and lick my pussy and flick my clit lightly and then you position yourself between my thighs. You grab my ankles and stand up, pulling my lower half off the ground. You pull me to you, straining on the ropes holding my wrists and you enter me. Slowly and deeply you fuck me, pulling me to you lifting me more off the ground. You lower yourself to your knees and I wrap my legs around you. You begin to thrust faster and with more force until you yell out and I feel your hot cum fill my hole.

You get up and jump back in the river. I yell for you to come let me go, and you just laugh. I start to think about what might be crawling or slithering around and I beg you to let me go. You keep laughing and my panic grows. Finally when I am screaming and crying, you come release me, take me in your arms and kiss away my tears. You take me back into the river and wash the mud and grass off my body, kissing me gently all the while. You carry me out of the river and wrap me in a towel before carrying me back to camp. You dry me off and give me one of your big clean t-shirts to sleep in and you carry me to the tent. I crawl in and you follow and you wrap me in your arms and talk softly to me until I am asleep.

prettysmart1964 53F

5/20/2006 11:40 am

thank you...i will have to visit yours.

rm_14lookingatu 48M

5/20/2006 2:47 pm

*applause* *applause* Great story....or is it?? I've only ridden on a motorcycle once but after reading your story I have this strong desire to get a bike and a woman who knows how to ride along. Keep em comin'....the stories that is- er whatever else

rm_bigearl1956 61M

5/21/2006 12:23 pm

WOW..that was a veery good story..or was it real..felt like i was there...i also love the feel of a motorcycle between my legs...and about making love the way that you described...VERY Great stoy..keep it UP!xxoo

prettysmart1964 53F

5/21/2006 2:09 pm

i cannot tell a lie...all my stories are based on actual events...the names and some details have been withheld to protect the innocent...or not so innocent...lmao

i think i might write up the story of the bike christening.

bigman4finewoman 49M
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5/27/2006 1:25 pm

Bravo!! excellent story!

I have a HD, need to start on an adventure like that!

mustacherides4fr 57M
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5/31/2006 11:46 pm

Damn girl you have my cock so hard a cat couldn't scratch it. I love the part about the straps in the tree seems like the vibes of that hog had both your minds on horizontal aerobics. Anyway wanted to tell you great story and maybe you could whisper one in my ear sometime, just a thought and a good one I think, at least on my behalf. Have a great day.

prettysmart1964 53F

6/1/2006 8:44 am

thank you, darlin...ya never know where our paths may i could "scratch" it sometime...

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