Woohoooo...I made it!!!  

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2/6/2006 7:32 pm

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Woohoooo...I made it!!!

Yes! I made it! I have reached the important level of 100 posts on my blog! Yippee...should I do a little dance? lol. Nahhh, you all wouldn't want to see me dance! This is probably going to be one of my longer posts, so go get a drink, pull up a comfy seat, and sit down. Now, on to other things.

I woke up this morning and decided today was going to be a good day, kids were going to be good, things were going to work out, and I was thankful to be alive. I wasn't going to dread going to work, worry about kids not listening, was expecting the best. For the most part, it was! Yes! Something going my way...FINALLY.

What I find interesting is that my spouse went out of town on Saturday to "hang" with his friend. It was his birthday. Well, he's called his "friend" almost every night for about the last 3 months. However, the one day and night he goes out to hang with his friends...he doesn't call her? Kinda strange, don't you think? On the way home he called her though. Interesting...very interesting. Let me know what you think on this subject. I could be just jumping to conclusions.....


I went shopping yesterday evening and didn't get to watch the super bowl. Not like I'm upset by it. I didn't particulary care which team won or not. My favorite team wasn't in it. The only thing I wished I could have seen were the commericals, which that didn't appear to be that much of a deal b/c when I got home, just got online, clicked on view super bowl ads and *poof* there they were with out all the darn football getting in the way! Viola! I didn't miss the half-time show b/c like the game, didn't really want to! lol. I think I've maybe watched 2 or 3 games all season, so why start at the last one? Right???? lol So all and all I am quite fine with not having watched the Super Bowl. Maybe I will next year, depends on who is playing. I liked the Budweiser commercials. As far was which one was the funniest, I liked the Budweiser bear commerical, and the hospital one where the doctor kills the fly with the paddles and the man's family walked in. Oh oh and the Budweiser commercial where they are playing football and the sheep streaks! lol. To funny! Also, as far as just liked, I liked the Budwesier Clydesdales commercial about the little one trying to pull the wagon. Some were rather stupid or cheesy. Can't imagine why they would spend that much money on something stupid. Anyways....so did you have any favorite Super Bowl commercial?

Went and filed taxes, have to pick up a couple of things before it being sent off. Hopefully I'll get a HUGE refund. lol. I'm comtemplating on moving to a state that doesn't have state taxes or personal and real estate taxes. Its getting to much! Ugh! Any suggestions?

TTigerAtty 63M

2/8/2006 7:03 am

Hon, you already know what I think about the situation involving your husband and his "friend". When it becomes painful enough for you, you will do something about it ... something more than write about it in a blog posting. Good luck to you!

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