A Taste of Honey  

prettibrwneyez62 42F
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8/22/2006 1:47 pm
A Taste of Honey

I lifted her long legs and placed them over my shoulders, so that my head was trapped firmly between her beautifully splayed thighs. I had a spectacular view of her tender delta of Venus. The wet and creamy hole had overflowed from the force of her desire, slicking up the long, pink petals of her inner lips. "Tell me how badly you need it," I whispered. "You know how bad I need it! Tongue-fuck me, baby", she replied.

I lowered my face into her sweet smelling pussy. Her lovely lips opened slightly, revealing more of her dripping hole. I teased her by licking her clit gently. "So bad," she moaned. "I need it so bad." "I know you do, baby," i replied. My tongue curled around her clit licking it more emphatically. Her hips bucked up and down. She couldn't help herself.

Grabbing at me with both arms and legs, wrapping herself around me like a hungry octopus, she pulled me tightly down on top of her. I buried my nose in her lovely slit and let my tongue wander lower, until it was flicking in and out of her pussy like a miniture dick. "I'm going to come!" she gasped. She was exploding just like the way I like to make her. I thrust my tongue deeper. More juices flowed from her center. She still twitching, grasped me wildly and tried to turn me around on top of her. She wanted me to mount her in the 69 position. After a few minutes in this position we both were cumming wildly. After a while She whispered to me that she needed to be fucked. No problem. I shifted position again on top of her, this time arranging our legs so that we were humping our pussies against each other's thigh bone. We kissed mouth to mouth, so we could each taste our own pussy juice on each other's lips. Rubbing and grinding furiously, I quickly brought the two of us to another wonderful orgasm.

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