Mr. Red  

prairieplaygirl 41F
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9/8/2006 4:06 pm
Mr. Red

My Bella I am so Hot & Wildly excited... I am dying to explore with a girly cock too.... I love feeling in control and want to fuck my lover & feel their desire for me with each stroke I pump into her with my cock....I want a turn with your strap on... your so excited that I am enjoying your fantasy toy... your stretching out on your back looking cat like almost purring at me while you watch me strap your red cock onto my hips....You look so incredibly sexy.... your eyes are devouring every inch of my body....My desire for you increases with every experience we share now.....its insatiable my needs .... your appetite and willingness are a perfect match to mine.... I love watching you spread your lips for me while your fingers stroke your bulging your fingers slide in and out to collect your hot & sticky juices explore your entire pussy.... moaning softly.... you rub your pussy juice all over your nipples pinching them making them excitedly erect ...begging me for my attention... finally I creep onto the bed and position myself between your legs ...with my girly cock grinding your pussy ....I cant resist your beautiful soft & full breasts...licking & flicking your nipples with my tongue... you run your fingers through my hair... slowly at first as you get more excited and anxious for me to play with you...I can feel you get more aggressive with my hair....pulling me back so you can drive my mouth with yours... I reach down and grab my girl cock and glide it all over your expecting pussy...teasing your clit softly at first with the knob of my new found dick.... Loving the feeling of power & control the Red Beauty has instilled ...I can feel my climax... WOW im so fucking turned on by this I can barely stand it! ... I gently take you ..slowly ...deeply.... kissing your erotically... I love exploring your mouth ... Our Breasts are rubbing together my nipples are so erect and the softness of your skin sends shivers through me.... the experience of love making with another women is as incredible and erotic as I always imagined it would be....You are all women and know how to use your powers on me.... God you drive me crazy... I pull out of your pussy and position myself behind you ... I want to spoon you so I can reach in front of you but have access to your incredible ass & thighs.... Now I can fondle you from all angles... I love how you react to me pressing up against you..... I nibble on your neck as I glide my hands along the side of your body slowly exploring the inside of your thighs.... you automatically start to spread them for me wanting me to touch you.... I resist & play with your breasts ...pinching and pulling on your nipps... I grope your ass and slide my hand in between your thighs...slide my finger in you sweetness and slowly stroke your asshole... I make sure theres enough wetness and fondle your anus with my finger slowly ...exploring you....slowly you rock back & forth wanting my finger deeper..taking our time...not sure....but wanting to explore....I release and slowly enter your pussy with my girl cock ... I caress your clit with my fingers ... I grab your hips and ram deeper inside of your sweetness... I want to fuck you so bad.... The need to bring you to climax takes control of me.... I grab my cock and slowly enter you from want me to fuck your rock back and forth on our red toy.... I am losing control watching your ass bounce up and down on my cock.... its just to much.... I stroke your clit with my free hand and slide two fingers into your pussy using my thumb to rub your clit all at the same time.... your going wild on my fingers & Cock ... your moaning is out of control....licking , sucking & breathig hot breath against your neck..... I start talking dirty to you telling you how incredible you are.... you cant take it anymore.... you slowly pull yourself away from my cock & fingers and ask me to ly on my back look like your ready to eat me.... You straddle me and spread your pussy over my cock and take me in ..... not taking your eyes off of me.... I grab your ass and pull you up & down onto my cock.. I take your hips and press as deep as I can with each stroke.... watching your breasts bounce up and down ...I just want to suck on them too....I sit up so I can enjoy all of you .... I grab you by the back of your head and suck on your bottom lip....nibbling ....I want your breasts ...grabbing with both hands I suck and nibble on one as I pinch and fondle the other...Your wild taking all of me... you cant get me any deeper.... Oh Bella your incredible... Im pumping as fast as I can for you.... I reach around and stcik my finger in your ass it throws you over the top.... You start to climax ... I take your breasts sucking on them ....Taking your pussy as deep as I can.... as you take my finger in your ass ... I feel your cum run down my thighs... I climax with you ... just over the pure excitement of your orgasim.... Oh J~ that was Fucking Incredible Bella... You push me onto my back and kiss gently as you stroke my hair...


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