Double the Pleasure ........Double the Fun  

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9/8/2006 5:34 pm

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Double the Pleasure ........Double the Fun

My appetite has become insatiable ....fantasizing and masterbating to thoughts of being with other women... I plan us a girls night out dancing at a really awesome club.... your excited about going out and having a great time...There are alot of very Beautiful & sexy women there ... we both admire the room around us ... I love the way you look tonight all feminine and Sexy....Im sure every guy in the room wants you.... Im sure the women are admiring you too....We grab drinks and watch the dance floor a little bit.... I love seeing Beautiful women bump & grind to the music... I whisper in your ear do you find the blonde with the pink spaghetti strap dress Hot?....Your eyes smile at me yes.... I tell you how I can visualize her licking your pussy..... shes dancing with her friend whos very cute ...shes petite with short brown hair ...white strapless dress and her nipples are piercing through the material.... I ask you to dance with me and lead you towards the floor.... we slowly make ourselves right behind them girls and I find you looking over at and on...admiring the way thier bodies move ... I ask you if they turn you on..... you whisper in my ear that your getting hot & sticky.... we find ourselves side by side with them and making eye contact... the brunette smiles at me.... I smile back... I cant help but look at her incredible nipples poking through her dress... she catches me looking so I smile erotically at her.... she leans over and asks if I like what I see... I tell her Very Much.... So do I she tells me and winks.... you and the blonde watch the whole exchange between us and I catch you smiling at one another... We all start dancing together were having a great time.... The brunette introduces herself ...her name is Samantha ... The blonde tells you her name is Kassandra.... Samantha whispers in my ear are you two an item? I tell her were friends with benifits.... she giggles ... I like that kind of friendship.... Samantha tells me her and Kassandra have talked about being attracted to other women but have never tried it yet... Boy oh Boy are they in for a treat I think to myself.... I ask if your having a good time....You tell me its fabulous girl.... I ask you if your okay spending time with Samantha & Kassandra... You just give me your sly devilish grin and wink at me... I watch you dance erotically to the song... I love the way your body moves to the music.... Your ass and waist swinging your so incredibly sexy ... Kassandra is admiring you move... I can tell shes really hot and bothered.... She whispers something to you ... I watch you whisper back ... Then you look at me and smile your sexy ass grin... I blow you a kiss.... Samantha asks me if weve been friends for very long... and how long weve had the benefit aspect to our relationship.... I told her weve shared some pretty special moments over the last few months and are enjoying finding other exciting ways to share together... Samantha tells me that they have rented a hotel room ... that its a girls weekend away...They thought of exploring too this weekend... and she asks if we would like to go back with them to have a little fun too.... I relate all this to you all the while bumping and grinding all over you ... you think its a wonderful idea and so we tell the girls we are game..... We leave the club and decide to grab a cab to the hotel ... all four of us pile in the back together ... I sit beside Samantha so I can be closer to her... her voice is so soft and sexy and she smells incredible.... I softly touch her thigh ...her skin is so silky.... she looks at me a little nervous... I whisper to her how beautiful she is.... I ask her if I can kiss her... she giggles gently and says I would like that.... I caress her cheek and gently kiss her on the lips... I pull back and look at her and her eyes look smokey & cloudy full of desire.... I ask her if she like it.... Very much she tells me.... You and Kassandra are rivited watching ... I can see the desire all over your face.... You look longingly at me.... So I reach for your face and we kiss with the girls between us watching gently moaning.... Our tongues exploring each others mouths.... I suck and nibble on your bottom lip.... Samantha gently strokes my lower back .. we pull away and I tell you your incredible Bella..... Kassandra asks you to kiss her like that and I watch you explore her mouth ravishing her with so much desire.... Samantha takes my mouth with heated passion... I can feel the heat in my pussy building up im so excited.... The cab driver tells us were there....we look like four incredibly vivacious women... friends who had a great night out coming back to the hotel room.... the nightis only starting for us though.....

Wow I just totally masterbated Im so hot writing this ....

The girls offer us drinks from the mini bar.... They put on some good music and we all seem to relax a little ... the room has a Queen bed with a sitting area with a couch and tv... I sit down on the couch and enjoy my drink as I admire the view in the room ... All three of you are incredibly sexy... Samantha sits down beside me and tells me shes excited but nervous at the same time.... i promise to be gentle and understanding ... not to go to fast or further then shes ready to.... she relaxes a bit and asks me to kiss her again ... I tell her I want her to kiss me this time.... She slowly leans towards me and gently kissess me... I tell her she has incredible lips.... I stroke her cheek and then run my fingers through her hair...... she kissess me again and this time starts to explore with her tongue.... she tastes sweet like her bacardi drink.... shes an amazing kisser... she slides her hand onto my thigh and strokes it softly... I steal a glimpse at you across the room and watch you making out with Kassandra.... her hands are roaming over your breasts... I can see the sheer enjoyment on your face love your breasts being paid attention too....I start kissing her neck softly and nibble on her ear...I can sense shes a little nervous so I want to make her feel safe and comfortable with me... I love exploring and four play... I want to take in every inch of her body.... I trace my fingers along her strapless neck line which bares her cleavage and she gasps as I pass over and my finger touches it.... I glide my hands up and down her arms caressing ever so softly ... her eyes are closed and her pulse is racing... I ask her if shes liking my attention... she smiles and kissess me ... she quickly gets more aggressive and devours my mouth with hers....I feel her remove my straps from down my shoulders... she caressess my breasts through my dress with no bra my nipples are erect and enjoying every stroke... I stroke her nipples through her dress and love the way her breasts feel through the slinky material... I want to suck on them so badly... she unzipps the back of my dress and lets it fall to my waist... I watch her as she takes off her dress to reveal her completely naked bay.... no bra ... no panties was she wearing... all night ... I am so hot instantly im sure my juices are just flowing.... she looks shyly at me almost not sure if I will approve of her.... I tell her how hot I am and how I cant wait to explore every inch of her perfect body... I remove my dress and panties and sit back down... I pull her on top of my lap and take in her breasts with my mouth.... I reach behind and caress her beautiful ass with my hands ... I love her sexy moans.... Her hips start to move slightly .. I feel her reach down to play with her pussy... I let her explore herself a little and continue taking in her breasts... but I cant wait to long I want to taste her sweetness... I lay her down gently on her back and when I glimpse over to see you Im intrigued to see you and Kassandra watching us while you stroke each others bodies teasing .... you both smile at me... I know this is like my fantasy I had while we watched our strip tease....good having you watch me makes my desire heighten immensley..... Samantha looks pretty excited you'll be watching too... Samantha has one leg up straddled on the back of the couch and the other leg dangling on the floor.... I climb in between her legs and kiss all the way up the inside of her thighs.... I lick her sweetness with my tongue all over the outside of her lips and slip in between a few quick seconds here and there teasing her...she smells so sweet and her pussy is just flowing...shes loving on her breasts and licking her finger tips so she can paly with her nipples... she is so incredibly hot.... I want to make her cum all over me.... I spread her lips so I can stroke her clit with my tongue ... I suck and flick and lick her pussy and lap up her sweetness... her hips are just going and she reaches for my hair and pulls my face closer so she can grind on my mouth...I stick my finger into her pussy sucking and grinding her rythm is faster...her moaning is so incredible ..... im not letting up shes going to cum all over my face... two fingers inside stroking her she cant get them deep enough...faster ...harder and deeper ... I take her pussy into my mouth ... O my god yes there it is... uhhhh mmmmm her hips are wild her moaning is out of control... her head is all over the place... I can feel her muscles wrap around my fingers and her juices are running down my hand.... she looks stoned...Oh my god was that incredible she tells me... no man has ever eaten her that way... nothing like having the advantage of how it feels....I look at you & Kassandra and your going hard at each other...your on the bed and your doing it 69... you are going to town on her pussy...your in and out with your fingers.... you want Kassandra to cum so bad.... im a little envious its her and not me right now... I love the way you eat my pussy... Samantha says come here sweetie its your turn now.... listening to you moan and watching you I can hardly control myself.... Samantha has pulled out her dildo and lubed it all up for me.... I lay down legs same position as she crawls through my legs up to my waiting pussy...she wastes no time spreads me wide open and just goes hard loving my sweetness.... lapping me up and really enjoying herself.... she teases my clit with the vibrations and then inserts and strokes me a few times and pulls back out.... sucking on my clit flicking with her tongue...running her dildo across the inside of my lips.... she strokes my asshole with it gently teasing me the vibrations are making me wild.... I want it in my ass so bad...she can sense this so she lubes it up good with all my juices and slowly inserts it in my ass...It feels so incredible...shes sucking on my clit with passion... im on the edge... oh god there it is... I push her face hard into my pussy and ride the waves.... so amazing she looks at me and asks if she did okay.... I tell her she was incredible and that id love to do it all over again ...she giggles.... I grab her by the hand and lead her over to the bed... you and kassandra look spent but so beautiful... I coax Samanthat to kiss Kassandra... I want them to feel comfortable once were gone to explore each other ... so girls night out means alot more to them from now on.... We watch the kiss and stroke each other until Kassandras on her back with Sam between her legs ..and before you know it you and I find each other in the same position with one another loving each others sweetness....ummm yummmmy


luvitrough2006 40M
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9/11/2006 11:30 am

Wow....that was amazing!!! I would love to meet you.....are you looking for some no strings attached fun???

prairieplaygirl 41F

9/11/2006 1:17 pm

Im So Glad you enjoyed my fantasy.... But as you can tell by my stories and my profile...Im looking for a Girly to play with....Im truly flattered though hunny...Wink..J~

rm_artsygirl13 44F

9/17/2006 8:50 am

I absolutely loved your writing, you are so talented and made me so hot and wet for you. I read it first thing this morning after talking with you last night. You have many wonderful gifts to share. Thanks!

prairieplaygirl replies on 9/17/2006 9:38 am:
Hey My Girl... I hope you were able to make it through all of them...he he he ... You had me tongue tied last night...its amazing how when there is someone waiting on the other end of this damn comp you cant think straight.... I love writting them but Damn girl I want to Live them.... Im glad we connected I think your AWESOME... Cant wait to explore more with you....


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