The First Time...  

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The First Time...


A lot of the blogs I've read on here, by a lot of people, invariably have the underlying question asked and answered...

"Where do your ideas for your blogs come from?"

As I sat here reading blogs today...and occasionally thinking about what I would blog myself, for today, this thought just came into my mind.....

What was it like, for you, the first time you had intercourse?

It was in the summer of my 15th year...1970. Along with my parents and older sister, we spent a two week vacation in the Caribbean. San Juan, St. Thomas, St. Croix, Port-Au-Prince, Kingston, Ocho Rios, and Montego Bay.

We flew from island to island, staying in first class hotels. It was a "package trip," so all of our meals were included, at the hotels we stayed at, along with the bus tours of the islands, transfers to and from the airports, and entertainment.

Most of the time I was locked-in with my family for the meals and tours, but there were times that I was able to just be on my own.

By the second night of our trip, in San Juan, I had already been able to take a walk on the beach in San Juan with a 16 year old girl from Indianapolis, who was also vacationing that summer with her family, and was also able to have some "free time."

We had met earlier in the day at the hotel pool, and after dinner (with our respective families), we both managed to get away for a walk on the beach, without the "baggage" of anyone in our families tagging along.

Being at a resort hotel in San Juan, there was little available privacy for us to do more than hold hands and sneak a few embraces and kisses out of the sight of anyone else. I never even got to kiss her goodnight at her door as her parents were walking to the room just behind us.

Our next stop was in St. Thomas. There we stayed at the Virgin Isle Hilton (I know what you're thinking...and yes, it was ironic..!).

Over a three day period, we toured the island...took a day trip by boat to St. Croix...spent some time at a beautiful beach at Magens Bay...and walked around the downtown duty-free shopping area.

On our last night there, while eating dinner in the hotel dining room, I first saw Sherry.

She was tall and beautiful. Long, light, strawberry blonde hair. She was wearing a pale green sleeveless mini-dress that hugged her body in all the right places.

She any teen-age boy's standards...a knock-out..!

As she walked into the dining room, our eyes met and we both continued to maintain that contact as she walked in and got over to where her family was already seated.

Everyone in my family had noticed our prolonged mutual staring, and they all commented on it.

After dinner, one of the hotel's weekly entertainment events...a sea turtle race in the hotel pool, was scheduled. Parimutuel betting was allowed, and between the rum-laced drinks and the turtle races, almost all of the adults were drawn to the surrounding the pool area.

Our family finished dinner first, and as I left the dining room, I turned to see that beautiful girl watching me go.

As my parents and sister made their way out to the patio and pool deck for the races, I stayed just outside of the dining room, in the lobby, in hopes of getting another chance to see her.

She eventually did come out of the dining room, but with her family, and they all walked off down one of the corridors, in the direction of the rooms.

We did exchange glances again, but it seemed obvious to me that I wouldn't have the opportunity to meet her, minus her family being around.

I decided to walk up a semi-circular staircase off of the lobby, and go up to one of the upper levels of the hotel to see what was up there.

On the second level was a large seating area that overlooked the swimming pool through large plate glass windows. It was just a little smaller than the lobby below, and there was only one couple there, waiting for the elevator to take them down to the lobby.

I continued up the stairs to the third and top level. This level had a smaller seating area and a small bar area, also overlooking the pool area. I supposed that it was set up like that for private parties, although the elevator only went to the second level, and not this one.

I started to walk back down the stairs, figuring that I might as well go and watch the turtle races with my family, when the elevator opened below me on the second level.

It was her...and she was alone.

"I hoped you'd still be up here." she said. "I saw you going up the stairs from my room."

We introduced ourselves, talked a little about where we were from...where we had already been on our vacations...and how hard it was to get away from our families, and be alone, for even a little while.

We walked back up to the third level to watch the turtle races and talk some more.

By now it was dark outside, except for the lighting around the pool area. Up on the third level, where we were, there were no lights on whatsoever. We could look down through the glass to see what was going on, but no one could see us up there in the dark.

The soda dispenser at the bar was hooked up, so we filled a few glasses and sat on one of the couches and watched the first turtle race and talked...but not for long..!

Sherry must've been very popular with the guys back in Owings Mills, Maryland, because she exhibited none of the usual "hold-back" teen-age girl attitudes when it came to sitting close to me or when I put my arm around her.

We started kissing almost immediately and my hands weren't the only one's that were doing some exploring.

Up to that point in my life I had only kissed girls...played with their breasts through their clothing...and even managed to undo and take off a girl's bathing suit top earlier that summer, for my first experience in kissing and licking her nipples. But that was as far as I had ever gotten.

Any attempt to "go for the Gold" between any girl's legs before that, was always met with immediate rejection...and I learned that if I didn't stop at that point...with maybe another try after some more kissing and fondling, everything would come to a screeching halt..!

By the time I got to "going for the Gold" with Sherry, my jacket and tie were shirt was mostly unbuttoned, and her dress had been unzipped...pulled down from her shoulders...her bra had been undone and removed, and all that remained was the unknown.

As my hand found it's way to her now-wet panties, hers started to play with my rock-hard cock through my pants.

There was no resistance to my slipping a finger inside the leg elastic of her panties and touching that soft, moist flesh.

Our kissing became even more passionate as I explored new territory slowly and cautiously...lightly touching, and running my finger, slowly...up and down along her ever-moistening pussy.

I didn't know it at the time, but I must've narrowed my attention to her now-swollen clit, because she started to convulse and shudder and pulled me even closer to her as she reached her orgasm.

"Are you all right?" I asked her...not realizing what had just happened.

"I'm just fine." She replied, and started kissing me again.

I barely got a chance to start playing with her pussy again, when she suddenly got up...took off the rest of her dress and panties, and laid back down on the couch.

I had read enough porn by that time to know what to do next...even if I hadn't even come close to experiencing it before then.

I was out of the rest of my clothes and lying back down on top of her in less than a minute.

As we kissed, she spread her legs open, reached down, and guided me to to the opening of her pussy.

I started to instinctively move my hips...pushing myself into her...a little at a time.

The deeper I got into her, the more passionate her kisses became and the harder she pulled me to her.

I finally got in as far as I could and she started to thrust her hips against mine as we fucked.

The sensations I was feeling as my cock went in and out of her pussy were like nothing I had ever experienced...even when masturbating. The increasing feeling that my cock was about to literally explode was almost scary...but so pleasurable that there was no way I was going to stop.

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, I started to first sexual intercourse orgasm..! And as I felt streams of semen shoot through my penis, she started to shudder with her orgasm, too.

I collapsed next to her on the couch. Both of us sweaty and out-of-breath...not saying anything...just breathing.

After a few minutes, she looked over and kissed me, softly...and I returned her kiss.

It was then that the reality of what we had just done, hit me.

All I could think of is, "HOLY SHIT....I JUST GOT LAID..!!!!!!" happym;

But that initial thought was immediately followed by, "HOLY SHIT...I DIDN'T USE A RUBBER...IS SHE GOING TO GET PREGNANT..???? /8

Sherry had been sexually active before me...and she was on the pill.

When our bodies had cooled and our breathing became normal, we kissed some more...talked a little (that's when I found out about her being on the pill), and finally got dressed. We walked down to the second level, where there were bathrooms, and managed to make ourselves presentable again...without the slightest hint that we had just been fucking our brains out..!

The turtle races were over...the crowd had long since departed the pool area. In fact, it was 11:30 PM..! We had been up on that third level couch for 3 1/2 hours..!

As I walked her to her room, I told her that I would leave my address for case she wanted to write to her room slot at the front desk. We were leaving the next morning at 5:30 am, for a 6:45 am flight to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

We kissed good night for a long time, outside of her room, and held each other tight...neither of us wanting to have that night end.

She finally knocked on the door...I kissed her once more...and walked back to my room.

I did leave her a note the next morning, along with my address...and we did exchange a few letters. But when school started again, we never did continue to write to each other.

Mrs. Prag and I took our Honeymoon Cruise in the Caribbean...and as the ship entered the harbor, I pointed out to her what was the Virgin Isle Hilton (a taxi driver told us that it was being turned into a veteran's hospital) in the distance, up on one of the hillsides.

Yes...I shared that story with my lovely wife, and now I've shared it with all of you.

So, the question is there before you...whether you want to be as elaborate as I've been...or just the basic facts.....

What was it like...for you...the first time you had intercourse?


toothysmile 52M
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8/19/2006 2:40 am

my first time wasn't nearly as nice as yours. but as greece is full of resorts, i have many happy memories similar to yours.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 8/21/2006 11:20 am:
Thanks, toothysmile..!

I'm glad that you stopped by for a visit and it let you "click" on those happy memories..!

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8/26/2006 8:17 pm

think rf.liam toh ta 61- udba if you think of it you ll get it .you really are the one hear from you you are you really deserve it

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 8/27/2006 7:40 am:
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