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Let's Get It On.....

Okay...I'm back from my first week of my new job. I haven't really been away...just haven't had the time to contribute daily to our blogs. My wife has done a helluva job posting her brand of humor and stories, and I did manage to spend a little time every night, after I got home, looking them over and laughing my ass off. She's GOOD..!!!

**wife, looking over my shoulder as I type this** "That'll get you a blow-job, honey..!"

As I looked over our blogs, and other blogs that we follow...as well as the original reason we've all come to be here...to meet and have sex with others...*hmmm...is that why other people are REALLY on here*...and a few other A.F.F.- related aspects of things...along with un-related things...today's rendering began to sprout in that overcrowded room upstairs...my mind..!

And as always...nothing written here is meant to offend anyone...anyhow.


We continue to get a lot of emails that are basically one-liners.

For us...part of the initial interest in meeting someone new to have sex with, is the "package." Yes, pictures on the profile, or pictures attached to their email, are part of it, but the way someone expresses their interest in us...tells us a little bit about themselves...their written expressions...really, are what we look for. If our interest is piqued, we're going to look at your profile...gather as much as we can from what's there...and respond to you.

We're not saying that we only look for people with PhD's in English, but come on...initially express yourself...show us who you are...don't just blurt out the stock-standard, "wanna get together?"

The HTML ‒ "thing"

luvpump...Thank you for your attention to customer satisfaction. Even though we probably won't partake of the vast offerings that have been added, we do sincerely appreciate that you acknowledged our comment...stated that you would attempt to correct the skewing of previous blogs, caused by the trial-period additions...and actually accomplished what it is you stated.

Customer satisfaction...to us, anyway...is becoming harder and harder to attain. From fast-food restaurants (that are ANYTHING but fast...anymore), to even the way the cast members have become at Disney World (Universal / Islands of Adventure is doing a far superior job dealing with guests...at least, as of last summer)...providing goods and services, AND, having your customers be happy-campers, seems to be almost extinct.


I'm not going to pretend that I know all the technical aspects of the different instant messenger services that are out there, but when you send us an IM, please keep a few things in mind.....

1. That first message that you send, has to have some interest for us to want to be able to reply. Like emails, we aren't interested in carrying on a conversation with you if you drag your knuckles and send us a "wish she'd suck my cock, like that," opening.

"I like your profile, care to chat?" That WILL get a response from us.

2. I know there is no way to block Standard Members from contacting us on FriendFinder Messenger, but there are days we just want to scream...after we've replied to an initial IM and the other person asks, "So what are you two looking for?"

Arrrrggghhhhhhh..!!!!!!! Okay...count to 10...take long, slow breaths...in and out.....

I guess if you "want to play...you've got to pay." We have (without the added feature / cost of letting Standard members view / contact us), and we also took a lot of time creating and refining our profile. We can't copy and paste it onto the IM, so don't be offended if we give you a very brief response. We're not recruiting additional paid members...we certainly don't want to imply any class-distinction / separation between Premium members and Standard members...whether you "join" or not, is your own personal decision and right...but STOP asking us what we are looking for..!

3. If you want to talk...and we have replied to your initial IM...then continue...in turn.

These 2 ‒ 5 minute silent periods, between us sending you a response and you replying, leave a lot to be desired...the suspense factor goes way down..! Likewise, let us answer your question or comment...BEFORE you send the next 10 messages.

4. Please try to elaborate your messages...don't have everything just be one word.

This always reminds me of Sir John Gielgud's line from the movie Arthur, when Liza Minelli's character is dumfounded and speechless after he says something to her..."Yes, Linda...you obviously have an economy with words...I await your next syllable with great anticipation."

The Weather

Can it finally be...that we've seen the last of the accumulating snow (our worst one was 23" deep, this winter), ice, and miserable driving conditions, this winter? God, I hope so..!!!!

Besides being the auto-body-repairman's best friend, it has definitely caused too many postponements and cancellations of planned meetings and get togethers.

And Finally...

This morning, my wife told me of an article she read in the newspaper yesterday, regarding how the Gays and Lesbians in New York City were going to boycott the St. Patrick's Day parade, because they were not going to be allowed to have their own float and participate.

I guess I was still a little punchy from not having had enough coffee yet...and having just woken up, and realizing that I had gotten a few extra hours of sleep (unlike the previous five mornings), my response was to laugh and offer my cloudy thoughts on it....

"Why would they allow them to have their own float in the St. Patrick's Day parade? St. Patrick's Day parades are all about everyone wearing green...floats advertising where to congregate for green beer, corned beef, and Guinness after the parade...and hearing Irish songs and music, sometimes accompanied by bagpipes.

Who wants to see a float with rainbow colors...with women in pants suits, wearing comfortable shoes...and guys with their shirts all un-buttoned, or off, dancing to techno-beat music?"

And how was your week?


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