Just A Twosome...  

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3/19/2006 11:09 am

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Just A Twosome...

Just A Twosome...

Yesterday, was a great day.

We both slept in.

The house was just ours...quiet...no Playstation2 game noise or cartoons coming from across the hall. The every-other-weekend-visits are DEFINITELY appreciated.

We sat at the kitchen table, having our morning coffee...talking.

The newspaper was retrieved from the box...but didn't hold attention for long.

We adjourned to the back room...turned on the computer...and entered our part of the A.F.F. world.

Two new emails to look at...three new winks. Scroll through the people that viewed our profile the day before...looking at a few profiles among them.

Move on to the blogs...check the number of views on yesterday's blogs...click on the comments link, at the bottom of the blog, to see who the new ones were from...and what they had to say. Reply to their comments.

Check out the blogs that we follow, every day...look at a few new ones...comment on a few...laugh or talk about what we've just read.

Our Instant Messenger begins to pop up...first with one friend...then with another. We talk about things we know of each other...look forward to the next time we can get together...and say good-by, for now.

She goes off to take a shower...refills his coffee cup before she does...and he sits at the computer, and begins his blog.

It turns out to be a long one...he checks it and then adds the different colors, sizes, bolds, and such. The picture to accompany this one is found...copied-and-pasted into a file...added to the bottom. The moods are looked at...and the closest one is found (wish they'd let us type in our own!).

And then it's sent...through the electronics, and phone lines, from computer to server...and doesn't register as being posted.

No big deal...this happens all too often. "Lost on it's way to blogland," as one good friend has said.

Then, with her hair wrapped in a towel...her bathrobe hugging her voluptuous body...she takes his place to do her blog...while he takes his shower.

Done with hers now...she sends it on it's way...but nothing has posted...not his, not hers.

No big deal...she dries her hair.

We slip under the covers...we start to kiss. The lovemaking begins. There's no predictable pattern to our lovemaking...it's never routine. Touching...holding...kissing.

The clock isn't a factor. We go slow...we go fast...we change positions...and thoroughly lose ourselves in each other. It's our own special version of lovemaking, something that only we two can have...something we never knew existed, but now cherish, each and every day.

We both love sex...we both love each other. The two together...make it that "special" thing, that we have.

When we're done we cuddle and kiss...talk and just lay together. Two lovers as one.

It's now dark outside.

We clean up...dress...and while she puts on her makeup, he checks to see if there's been any activity on today's blogs.

Nothing. Still not posted...and it's been several hours.

No big deal...it's happened before.

Out to dinner..."no, we're not waiting an hour and forty-five minutes" at the first choice...drive to the next restaurant...stop for gas ("damn...it went up 4 cents since yesterday..!")...arrive at the restaurant...only a 20 minute wait here...sit and people watch and talk, until the red lights start circling around the device that tells us our table is ready ("hmmm..25 minutes").

Order our drinks...order an appetizer ("we haven't eaten at all today")...the conversations continue...the food comes and we eat.

As we finish, she comments on how it seems as if her margarita shaker is bottomless...he rolls his eyes in his head and can only hope..."please, don't let this be another example of over-indulgence...it's been too short a period of time since the last one."

We laugh about it...silly and side-splitting laughter. It stays with us as we drive away and head home.

The laughter subsides and is replaced with sporadic conversation for the rest of the drive..."$2.59 a gallon..? It was only $2.49 where we just filled the car up. Talk about gouging..."

We're home again.

The phone rings, she talks for awhile. He goes to the back room...checks on today's blogs..."STILL not posted"...goes into the living room...turns on TV...flips through a few channels...nothing much on.

She's ended her phone conversation...comes into the living room, sits and watches for awhile...then tells him, "I must be getting too old for all this...I'm tired and I'm going to bed."

Kisses..."I love you's"...and off she goes to the bedroom.

He follows, shortly after...and getting into bed with her, kisses her once again.

So there you have our "twosome" experience for yesterday.

Not overwhelming...or earth-shattering...or filled with anything other than two people who love each other and truly enjoy their time together.

And, as I stated at the beginning...it was a GREAT day..!

NSAAddict 43F

3/19/2006 6:09 pm

That sounds like an exquisite day! Glad you two have found that peacefulness and joy in the simple moments of being together. Big hugs, NSA

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F

3/20/2006 5:53 am

NSAAddict - Thanks...Big hugs to you too.

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