I'm Once Bitten Twice Shy Baby  

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F
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7/18/2006 7:25 am

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10/17/2007 7:54 am

I'm Once Bitten Twice Shy Baby

Well the times are getting hard for you little girl.

I'm a hummin' and a strummin' all over God's world.


Count them...ten mosquito bites on my legs!

Yes those mosquitoes made a meal out of me and dined very well last week. Shaving my legs is going to require a skillful hand.

I wonder what makes mosquitoes bite certain people over others? They just love me!

I like to be eaten but this is ridiculous..!!

fantasylover_05 63M

7/18/2006 7:33 am

You are just so darned SWEET!!

I mean who could resist eating you! LOL LOL

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:34 am:
AWWW You are making me blush!!! {=}

angelofmercy5 60F
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7/18/2006 7:35 am

It's because you are SO sweet! They rarely bite me! lol

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:35 am:
They must have bit me on one of my good day!! LOL

49AK 56M
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7/18/2006 10:55 am

They have been chasing me around all summer, more than usual. The good news is, when I get bit, it is itchy for about 15 minutes, and then goes away... then the next day, it itches for a bit, and goes away, and that's it.

But I still dislike them...

I got about a hundred once this summer, when I was walking in the woods... they were amazing...

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:36 am:
A hundred bites!!! You poor man. That would have drove me nuts!

rm_DarknStar 55F
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7/18/2006 1:49 pm

sorry for all the BITES on ya........BUT that Picture you posted....IS GROSS!........geezzzz just having a bug in my eye kills me.....NOW THIS!........

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:37 am:
Sorry for grossing you out, hon.

docdirk 49M

7/18/2006 5:34 pm

Damn skeeters seem to luv me too. Got nailed on the face the other night.

Hmmm... that didn't sound good!

Ah, Its you again, Your Angel Feathers and your Blood Stains...

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:40 am:
Nailed on your face? I always thought of you as a "chick magnet" not a "mosquito magnet".

Looking0100 55M

7/18/2006 10:55 pm

I am sorry for the mosquito nuisance. Mosquitoes can be a real bother, but they generally are harmless.

Did you know that only the females suck blood? Males do not do that.

I hope your mosquito bites heal quickly. Then, you will be looking good once again. (Not that you look bad now.)

Jon C.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 7/20/2006 9:41 am:
We females are always getting labeled as blood suckers!

Thanks for your concern...they are healing up nicely.

49AK 56M
1823 posts
7/20/2006 11:52 pm

Most of them were on my neck and ears... they were swollen for days...

pragmaticCTcpl 62M/51F

7/21/2006 9:30 am

Oh, you poor thing...I'm itchy just thinking about it!

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