High Maintenance  

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High Maintenance

High Maintenance

In my life certain people have called me “ high maintenance.”

What is high maintenance ?

Well, here are a four different definitions....

- Most women are high maintenance. The term "high maintenance" usually refers to a very peculiar female individual that is extremely selfish and demands a constant stream of gifts and attention. Also prone to bitch and complain about your every action, thinks highly of herself, and will never issue an apology...unless she desperately wants something from you.

- Often a divorced woman with a fake tan, big processed hair (usually blonde) and lots of bling. Very insecure about her looks and requires constant reassurance of her physical beauty. Spends lots of time and money on clothes, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup and beauty treatments. Needs expensive homes, cars, clothes and vacations. Never pays for anything when in the presence of men.

- Requiring a lot of attention. When describing a person, high-maintenance usually means that the individual is emotionally needy or prone to over-dramatizing a situation to gain attention

- A person who has expensive taste (re: clothing, restaurants, etc.). This person is never comfortable because he/she is constantly concerned about his/her appearance. This person feels they are better than most people and usually judge others based on outward appearances.

Depending on who you ask....depends on the response you will get.

I consider myself someone who needs to know that they are loved and wanted. From kisses to hugs. Without giving you all "the dirty details" of my past....just know that it stems from my youth and my past relationships. It is a part of who I am. It hurts and pisses me off when people say that needing affection is considered "Drama Queen-like." Do I need more affection than the "normal" person? I don't know.


-I don't feel "BETTER" than everyone else.

-I don't SPEND lots of time and money on items or myself.

-I don't NEED expensive homes, cars, clothes and vacations.

-I have OFTEN paid my own way in the presence of men.

-I AM a divorced woman with NO fake tan,( I'm pale as a ghost and burn easy ). I'm NOT a natural blonde, so what! YES...I have some bling. Does a engagement ring and wedding band qualify? Does that make me .... MRS. PUFF DADDY ? NO !!!

- Am I obsessed with my appearance? That would be another NO !!! I have been known to leave the house in sweats and no make-up.

- YES!!! I DO apologize...I know these two words..... I'm sorry. Standing up for yourself and being subservient are two different things.

So why is it that someone like myself is labeled as "high maintenance?"

I'll tell you why........( solely MY opinion )

Men that label their women "high maintenance" are unable to give of themselves or from their hearts. They are so self consumed by their own needs that they don't give a flying shit about giving another human the security of closeness or affection. They want the "good times" ( aka. BLOW JOB ) without the work of a relationship. They "expect" you to know that you are wanted when rarely shown. You know....the sky is blue. Sorry Guys...."don't tell me....show me!" They should be wary of the women who don't NEED their emotional reassurances....if they don't care.... chances are they don't really love you...and probably getting the reassurance somewhere else!

There is a difference in being self-assured and confident in your ablities as a woman and another to be emotionally empty.

As emotionally "needy" as I am, I know this.....I am a very capable and strong woman.

My husband knows this and though we joke about it often, he knows deep down that I'm NOT "high maintenance." He had "high maintenance"...his ex-wife. Hm-mmmmm. I don't see her still around.

My life has been a test and I am a survivor!

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